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April Newsletter

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Our team of dedicated plumbers, drainers and gas fitters are trading as per usual and we are your “one call – we do it all” plumbing team.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors supporting our Community and Charities

During our recent drought and destructive fires, Hughes Plumbing Contractors received a call for help from a local charity desperately needing water tubes.
These tubes were to be distributed into the fire ravaged parts of NSW for wildlife careers to help save our wild life by having access to water.
Our team rallied around and made these water tubes in no time with Ben personally delivering them to the charity co-ordinator.

Outdated instant water cooler units versus  new instant water cooling stations

We were requested to replace 3 old and inefficient cold water units and replaced with the latest model of cold water stations.
The older models only had one button for water to fountain up. However, the new models are now designed to also fill water bottles- making it much more user friendly. This makes it a perfect all-round water cooler.

Rain to Main Water Pump
Our customer had noticed their rain water pump was not working and was unsure of why it had stopped. On investigation, we found the pump was faulty and was unable to be repaired.

In no time, we had a brand-new Vada Rain to main pump installed to allow our customer to utilise the rain water in their tank.

Rainwater Tanks
Did you know Hughes Plumbing Contractors are able to assist you with the sizing and requirements for your water tank?

We can help with the installation only or supply and install if needed. We can work within your budget to get you on your way collecting our most precious resource – water.

Do you have drainage problems? 

 Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help with your water pooling situation, flooding or just not running away.

With our all-round Plumbing, Drainage and Gas Fitting Team – your water problem will be gone in no time.

Master Plumbers Qld – See one of our team members in the Nov / Dec Edition

Our administration officer Sonya was part of the National Association of Women in Construction Qld Awards of Excellence.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are the best 24/7 plumber in South East Queensland. With a team of amazing tradesmen and state-of-the-art equipment, you can rely on us no matter what your plumbing job is. 

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