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August 2020 Newsletter


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    BIG JOBS BELOW

A small problem that turned into a Massive job!!


The services of Hughes Plumbing Contractors were recently called upon from another plumber who was unable to perform the scope of works required. The resources needed to complete a large-scale project involved a major food processing facility, Urban Utilities, Trans-Urban and to have all the compliances to undertake such performing tasks on the side of the busy Gateway Motorway.
Our team had to locate the damaged section of pipe to be able to make the required repairs. We had to use speciality equipment such as vac trucks, excavators, tippers and the removal of contaminated soils. Once the damaged pipe was located and repaired further work was required, such as re instatement of natural spoon drains with geo fabric cloth and rocks. Here you can see a series of photos that show the small pin sized holes in the section of damaged pipe and photos of the size and scale of works undertaken and completed by Hughes Plumbing Contractors.

Prior to repair works, followed by vac truck exposing the damaged pipe.

Damaged section of pipe.

Repaired section of damaged pipe with lime and Geo Fab laid.

Finished work area with the reinstatement of natural spoon drain.

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Commercial Bank of Hot Water Units.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors were engaged to replace a bank of old hot water systems at a unit complex on the Sunshine Coast.
Here’s a few photos of the old hot water units and some of the newly installed units.

Old units no longer working 

Some of the newly installed hot water units.

Sale and Installation of DIY Bidet Products
The QBCC has become aware of an increase in the sale and installation of bidet seats and spray attachments for toilets, stemming from recent concerns about toilet paper shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The plumbing industry has raised concerns that some of these alternative toileting products may not have WaterMark certification, and may be installed by homeowners or other unlicensed persons. These issues are of serious concern, as incorrectly installed plumbing and drainage products, and/or non-conforming building products (NCBP), can cause serious health and safety issues for the public.

The QBCC is currently investigating these products and issues and is liaising with other regulators as well as suppliers and retailers.

Taylex Tank Installation
Did you know we can help you with all your on-site waste water problems?
Whether it be a new system, upgrade or additions to your current site, we can do it all.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your “One Call – We Do It All” team.


How’s this for a Super-Sized Man Cave?
Our customers wanted to be totally water efficient and engaged our team to install multiple water tanks to capture the sheer water volume run off from the large roof area.
Future drought proofing their property and no need to pay for any water bills here.

Ready for Action
As we enjoy some Covid-19 relaxations, we have been busy helping our Snap Fitness customers by installing and maintaining their water coolers to ensure after your work out- you’ll feel nice and refreshed.

Underground Broken Pipes

We recently started work on sub surface broken pipes. Our team of specialists were engaged to locate the breakages with the latest in CCTV drain camera technologies and report on findings. Further works included pressure tests on underground services and reporting accordingly.
Our “One Call – We Do It All” team had detected, marked the locations and made repairs in a jiffy.

By using our team, it reduces the stress of having multiple trades people engaged for your project.

What’s does your BBQ look like?
Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help you install and plumb in your BBQ. We have a team of qualified plumbers and gas fitters to get your inner chief whipping up a great meal in no time.

Our customers will no doubt enjoy cooking up a storm and spending time with their loved ones around this great BBQ set up.

Safe, Clean and Compliant Septic Installation
Often, we stumble across non-compliant or illegal septic system installations, trenches or old units needing a full upgrade or replacement. Our customers here wanted to upgrade their old septic system and install new trenches due to the old system and trenches failing.
Did you know only licensed plumbers can work on, make repairs or upgrade on your septic or waste water system?
Only an accredited AES installer can install your AES trench system.
This does not include pumping out the waste from your tank.
Again, you can call the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142 – Your “One Call – We Do It All” plumbing, drainage and gas fitting experts.

Digging and preparing for the installation of the new poly septic tank and AES trenches.

Installing the new poly septic tank

Laying of the new AES trenches

Leaving the site neat, clean and tidy with as little impact as possible to the area.

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