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What Are The Main Causes of Pipe Blockages in Bald Hills?


Most people have experienced water-related problems in their home or business before. While this isn’t usually a common problem, there are some causes of blocked drains that skilled plumbers see time and time again in Bald Hills. It’s useful to know these things so you can avoid making the same mistakes in your home. This way, you can rest easy at home instead of having to call a plumber to come and sort out problems in your pipes.

Often, we see tired parents flush baby wipes or nappies down the toilet. We also see sanitary items or chux wipes on some occasions. What you may not know is that these items aren’t made to be flushed. In fact, that can be one of the worst things for your toilet. When these items go down the drain and come into contact with water, they will quickly expand and cause major issues. You should make sure to keep a bin in your bathroom to avoid having this problem occur in your Bald Hills home.

Another common thing that causes blockages in Bald Hills is oil or grease. These liquids can easily harden in your pipe lines and cause a smelly and messy clog in your kitchen sink. When this occurs, you’ll need a plumber to come and sort out the issue.

Sometimes clogs happen as a result of pipes that have been installed incorrectly. This issue can be quite serious. Badly installed pipes can cause severe blockages or water leaks. It’s important that you call an expert plumber if you notice this so the issue can be rectified.


Could A CCTV Drain Camera Inspection Help Me?


In order to ensure your drains live a long life, it’s important that you know what’s going on inside them. The best way to do this is with a CCTV drain camera inspection. This service is fast and cost effective. It allows our plumbers to quickly and easily diagnose blockages or other issues in your pipes so we can find a solution that’s perfectly suited to you and your home in Bald Hills. Drain cameras will save you time and money – no need to use a whole team of plumbers to try and diagnose an issue step-by-step when one plumber can do the job faster with a CCTV camera! You’ll also have peace of mind – you’ll get the inside story on your drains in Bald Hills so you can avoid issues in the future.


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If you experience a clogged pipe in your home, Hughes Plumbing Contractors can clear it. With years of experience and equipment like hydro jetters, drain snakes and CCTV drain cameras, there’s no blockage too big for us. We’re also fully licensed and qualified, so you can rest assured knowing the job will get done properly. If you’re having issues with your drains, call us on 0406 288 142 or send an email to today.

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