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Best Elimbah Blocked Drain Plumbers

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your Local Elimbah Blocked Drain Experts


If you’ve tried all the blocked drain home remedies to unclog your pipes and nothing works, it’s time to call in Elimbah’s blocked drain professionals. A lot of normal plumbers don’t possess enough knowledge and skills or have the tools available to perform blocked drain jobs. In some cases, they may do more harm than good and damage your property and leave behind a big mess. When it comes to unclogging your drains, it’s a job best left to the experts. Be careful you do not waste time and money on other plumbers that are not qualified or experienced enough to perform this important task.


Blocked Drains can be a real problem for anyone, especially Elimbah residents. From bad smells and inconvenience to sewerage overflows, clogged up pipes can not only cause health concerns but also may result in large unforeseen costs in future. Hughes Plumbing Contractors offers a hassle-free service to all domestic and commercial customers in Elimbah 24/7. We can easily diagnose and treat the most stubborn blockages with either high-pressure water jetting or the more traditional “snake” rod. Hughes Plumbing Contractors improve the general health of your pipes with our proven tools and techniques and we are a highly experienced team of plumbers with years of experience unblocking pipes all throughout south-east Queensland.

Need a Blocked Drain Plumber in Elimbah?


Our blocked drains teams follow a strict 3-step procedure each time, which consists of the following steps.

Our initial step is to conduct an in-depth inspection of your drains and pipes.  Problems we may discover include backups, slow draining pipes, bad odours or gurgling noises. Common problems are a main sewer line clog or even a stormwater blockage. The other usual suspects are a hair or soap clogged drain or fat, oil and grease blockages. If we notice any of these signs, we’ll then perform different tests to find out the exact location of the clog within your drain.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors professional plumbers will then let you know your drains and pipes condition as well as the root cause of the issue and what methods we recommend to fix the problem. We will then provide a detailed quotation with a breakdown of our work and the cost of unblocking your drain. This is provided to help you get the best value and understand the price of our plumbing services and how we unclog your drain.

After you have given us the go ahead and approve our quote, we will schedule and begin work. All our jobs are completed efficiently with the least amount of disruption possible so you can get on with your daily activities.


Hughes Plumbing Contractors Uses the Best Blocked Drain Tools and Equipment


Our expert plumbers are equipped with the most advanced drain cleaning equipment such as:


  1. High-Pressure Water Jetters:


Using this tool, we shoot water through a high-pressure pump into your pipes which helps blow out stubborn blocks. We have a variety of different nozzle types depending on the size your drain and severity of the clog.


  1. CCTV Drain Camera:


In clearing blocked drains for Elimbah residents and businesses, we’ll often take advantage of our closed-circuit TV drain camera. This small camera is put onto a cable and sent down your pipes then we can see what exactly is causing the blockage on a monitor above ground. Our expert teams can then get a visual on the cause of the blocked drain and work to clear it.


  1. No-Dig Pipe Relining:


When your sewer pipes are damaged, Hughes Plumbing Contractors may suggest specialist no-dig pipe relining. During this technique, we insert a special PVC sleeve into your damaged pipework that adheres to the inside of your pipe and forms a seamless and long-lasting drain lining. As the name implies, this method can prevent the need to dig up large parts of your yard or driveway and minimise disruption and inconvenience.




If you live in Elimbah and are experiencing any drainage problems, blockages or require a drain specialist to diagnose your issues, please contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142 today. We will unblock your drains fast with minimal fuss. Call Brisbane’s most trusted drain clearing experts now!

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