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Harlin Blocked Drains Plumbers


Hughes Plumbing Contractors Are the Superior Option For 24/7 Drain Clearing Services in Harlin!


How Can Hughes Contracting Group Help Me Save Money?


A blocked drain can be a massive water waster in Harlin. Over time, even a leaky cistern can add up to litres upon litres of water wasted each week. This can significantly increase your water bill – what a waste of money! If the problem continues to get worse or if it is “fixed” incorrectly, drain blockages can decay the structural integrity of your house and lead to serious health risks to your family. Also, an overflowing toilet can flood your bathroom & cause damage to your furniture– all expensive fixes.


In the vast majority of situations, plumbing repairs should be left for the professionals to deal with unless there is an easy do-it-yourself fix (the most common example being use of a plunger on a blocked toilet). Repairing a toilet is never easy – there are many moving parts required for it to function properly, and damaging these parts could lead to further problems. Parts such as the flapper valve, inlet pipes, flush mechanism or flush pipe rubbers, when broken, can all cause issues and unless you are very familiar with how these parts function together, it’s very hard to come up with a viable solution. For these reasons, it is often wiser to hire a professional plumber to deal with blocked drains and toilets.


Why Should I Choose Hughes Plumbing Contractors?


Have you been searching for an emergency plumber in Harlin? Do you have a blocked drain that just won’t seem to clear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have exactly what you need. For the convenience of all Harlin residents, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At Hughes Plumbing Contractors, we will always take the time to fully understand your plumbing issue. From there, we are able to provide the best solution for you and your family. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction, along with valuable tips about products or solutions.


We are licensed and insured to perform a massive range of services not limited to drain plumbing: anything from plumbing maintenance to gas fitting. Our plumbers are reliable, experienced, and friendly. Our team all use the most modern and effective plumbing equipment to ensure your drain is cleared quickly and properly. We work exclusively in Queensland, we have learned a lot about the typical plumbing and architecture in these. This knowledge helps us fix a vast range of problems efficiently and accurately.


Drain Blockages Doing Your Head In? No Need To Stress Any Longer – You Can Rely on Hughes Plumbing Contractors! 


Sometimes a plunger just isn’t enough- contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors today and rest assured knowing the job is in good hands. We offer a range of Plumbing services in Harlin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our blocked drains services include:


Blocked sewer lines

Blocked stormwater drains

High-pressure hydro-jetting drain clearing

High-pressure hydraulic root cutting

Tree root intrusion specialists

CCTV drain camera inspections

Pipe and fault locating equipment

Electric eel drain clearing

Drain inspection reports

Drain excavation and repairs

No-dig pipe repairs (Trenchless pipe relining)

Vacuum excavation

Pipe testing and locating


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are Harlin’s Best Drain Clearing Plumbers – Accept No Alternative!


Experience the Hughes Plumbing Contractors difference for yourself today!


Experienced and professional Australian plumbers

Over 40 years’ combined experience

Latest technology and equipment

Fully licensed and insured

Full public liability insurance cover

Friendly personal service

Expert honest advice

We live & work in and around Harlin




Hughes Plumbing Contractors are the absolute best Blocked Drain Plumber for anyone living in or around Harlin. We’ve got 4 decades of combined experience dealing with all kinds of plumbing issues. We also hold all necessary licensing, so you can trust that the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors will go above and beyond in their work


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