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Hughes Plumbing Contractors provide a 24/7 Drain Clearing service all over Kallangur. We are fully licensed and qualified and hold over 40 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry – there’s no better option when it comes to blocked drains!


What Are the Main Causes Of Blocked Drains in Kallangur?

It is quite common to flush unwanted items down the toilet. However, flushing the wrong item down the toilet may result in blocked drains that could have been prevented easily. No solid items should ever be flushed down a toilet – whatever is flushed should be water soluble.  These plumbing issues are made even more severe as entire suburbs of people get into the habit of flushing toiletry items. This results in even more serious issues as the blockage builds up in council sewer drains. Sanitary products, nappies and baby wipes are the most common items found in drains by plumbers. These items are not water soluble and get progressively heavier over time. As they absorb water, these items begin to expand, eventually blocking the drain pipe which is generally only around 100mm wide.

A common issue causing blocked drains outside is a build-up of leaves, plant matter and dirt in drains over time. If leaf blockers are installed on gutters it can help prevent the foliage from entering the soak well. However, a leaf blocker often causes plant materials to fall on the ground which evades the downpipes, but often end up in your drains.

When most people are washing the dishes, not much thought is put into whether or not the oil and grease buildup in the drains are being accumulated. Most homes experience a steady build-up of grease and fat in their kitchen drainage system without even knowing it.  The more grease and fat build up, the faster blockages in your drain will occur. Blocked kitchen drains are a typical plumbing problem and are bound to occur at some stage.  If your water basin is flowing slower than usual or beginning to emit a foul smell, your kitchen drain may be have become blocked with fat and grease.

Pipes may be fitted under stress or pressure leading to breakages. Drain pipes may be at the incorrect angle, preventing proper flow. Some plumbers also forget to use glue during their piping system installation. All of these factors may lead to blocked drains and blocked drainpipes.

When the level of rainfall rises, the water table under your home may also rise as well. When the water table rises, it can appear as though you have a blocked drain pipe. However, the only real way this can be solved is if the water table is drained from the property by a subsoil drainage system. Technically this is not a blocked drain, but a problem with the house’s foundation being located too closely to the water table.

Trucks, excavation, bobcats and other construction vehicles can damage drains easily without you even realizing it. If your plumbing drains are not working properly you could have a damaged drain pipe that can easily cause severe blockages.

Over long periods of time, pipes may get blocked from the minerals and calcium present in the water system. Blocked pipes from mineral or calcium deposits result in slow and weak water flow in your taps and showers.


How Will Hughes Plumbing Contractors Unblock My Drain?

  1. We arrive at your property and analyse the extent of the problem. Blocked drains are not usually blocked at the point where overflows begin to occur.
  2. We use our modern drain camera technology to find the source of your blockage
  3. We use a hydro jetter which clears your drain efficiently and effectively
  4. Sometimes we may use our electric eel to clear your blocked drain, depending on the specific situation.
  5. Once the drain has been dealt with, we will give you advice on how to prevent blockages in the future.

Experiencing Problems With Your Drain, But Unsure How To Solve It? Don’t Fret – Contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors!

Whether you’re dealing with a blocked toilet, tree roots blocking a pipe line or build-up of grease and fat in your kitchen sink, Hughes Plumbing Contractors are more than capable of assisting. With the most modern drain clearing equipment and decades of experience under our belt, Hughes Plumbing Contractors are the best plumber in Kallangur. Our blocked drains services include:

Blocked sewer lines

Blocked stormwater drains

High-pressure hydro-jetting drain clearing

High-pressure hydraulic root cutting

Tree root intrusion specialists

CCTV drain camera inspections

Pipe and fault locating equipment

Electric eel drain clearing

Drain inspection reports

Drain excavation and repairs

No-dig pipe repairs (Trenchless pipe relining)

Vacuum excavation

Pipe testing and locating

Hughes Plumbing Contractors Are A Plumbing Company You Can Trust. We Hold All The Necessary Licenses and Qualifications, So You Can Be Sure The Job Will Be Done Properly.


Experience the Hughes Plumbing Contractors difference for yourself today!


Experienced and professional Australian plumbers

Over 40 years’ combined experience

Latest technology and equipment

Fully licensed and insured

Full public liability insurance cover

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Expert honest advice

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Hughes Plumbing Contractors are undoubtedly the best local plumber in Kallangur. With state-of-the-art drain clearing equipment and years of experience in the plumbing industry on hand, you can be sure that Hughes Plumbing Contractors will get the job done cheaply and efficiently.


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