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Hughes Plumbing Contractors are Morayfield’s Best Drain Clearing Experts


  • Do the drains in your home or business gurgle or make funny sounds?
  • Are you noticing your sink needs more time to drain?
  • Does your toilet have a low or high water level?
  • Is there an on-going bad smell in the bathroom drain or toilet?

The above symptoms are indicators of a blocked sewer. These can get very expensive to fix if left untreated and can also pose health risks, not to mention that foul smelling pipe. Hughes Plumbing contractors always give priority to blocked drains anywhere is Morayfield. We always respond to blocked drain emergencies rapidly in order to repair your pipes as quickly and efficiently as possible. By treating blocked drains in the earliest stages, you can avoid further unpleasant issues which may have worsened if ignored.


Beware of Signs of Blocked Drains


The early signs of a blocked drain and impending sewer fill-up are typically odd water levels in your toilet, slow draining sinks and bad smells coming from your drains. If these partial blockages are not fixed in as soon as possible, then your property may experience a sewer fill-in. That is, where your sewer line is completely clogged the sewerage will flow back up the pipe into your home or business through toilets, sinks or other drains. If you live in Morayfield and suspect you have a blockage, contact Hughes Contracting Group on 0406 288 142 as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant consequences.


Tips to Prevent Blocked Pipes and Clogged Sewerage Lines


If you’d like to take preventative measures to try and stop your drains getting blocked in the first place, these do’s and don’ts are a good place to start:


  • Install sink drain strainers

These are extremely cheap and will prevent food scraps, lint, hair and other particles going down the kitchen, laundry or vanity sink or bath drain. These objects are major contributors to clogs.

  • Throw out oil, grease, and fat into the rubbish bin

Pouring oil and grease down the drain seems like a quick way to dispose of them. However, usually these substances don’t really go all the way down your pipes but instead solidify and cause serious stubborn blockages. After a while, they will accumulate and build up in drains and cause greasy and foul-smelling clogs.

  • Regularly clean your gutters and keep your stormwater drains clear

By frequently cleaning the leaves from your gutters and clearing stormwater drains of debris, you can prevent them blocking up drains during storms.


  • Don’t flush wet wipes or female hygiene products

These are the most common culprit of blocked drains in Morayfield we see. The so called ‘flushable’ toilet wipes should not be flushed and either should baby wipes or the ones you wipe down the bin, cooktop or the toilet with. Please don’t flush any of them but instead throw them all in the trash can.

  • Don’t ignore slow draining drains

This is usually a sign the drain is clogging up somewhere down the line. This might be as a result of a number of different issues such as tree root intrusion, a fat, grease and oil build up, or maybe even more serious problems like a collapsed drain. Whatever the problem, it’s always a wise move to have Hughes Plumbing Contractors come to your home or business in Morayfield to take a look sooner rather than later.

  • Don’t think of your drains and toilet as a rubbish bin

Your drains are not for disposing of rubbish and they will very easily become blocked if rubbish is thrown down them. To avoid costly repairs, use your toilet and drains only for their intended purpose.


Need Help Unblocking you Drain in Morayfield?


Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help unblock your clogged drains no matter the time of day or night. Our blocked drains services include:


✓ High-pressure water jetting

✓ Old school ‘Snake’ rodding

✓ CCTV camera drain inspections

✓ Drain inspection reports

✓ Drain excavation and repairs

✓ No-dig pipe repairs (Trenchless pipe relining)

✓ Vacuum excavation

✓ Pipe testing and locating


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are Morayfield’s Best Blocked Drain Plumbers



Hughes Plumbing Contractors are ready and waiting to come right now. Call 0406 288 142 or contact us via the form below. We’ll visit you and get your drains free-flowing again in no time!

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