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You’ve Just Found Ningi’s Professional Blocked Drain Plumbers


If your home or business is experiencing a blocked sewer or blocked toilet Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help. No matter if your shower, basin, kitchen sink or laundry tub or even your stormwater drain is blocked, we can come out to you immediately anywhere in Ningi. We are different from other plumbing contractors that say they specialise in blocked drain services. Hughes Plumbing Contractors are highly skilled professional and licensed plumbers with years of pipe clearing and blocked drain experience. Unblocking pipes for Ningi households and businesses is what we do and we are very good at it!


Hughes Plumbing Contractors know most Ningi homeowners simply prefer their blocked drains to be cleared properly the first time so they can be maintained over the long run. However, some shonky plumbers will charge an arm and a leg for a sub-standard drain cleaning service then try and upsell unsuspecting customers unnecessary and overpriced drainage repair.


Hughes Plumbing Contractors offers you honest service as sewer and drain clearing experts. We don’t have a policy of upselling sewer or stormwater repairs and will only recommend them when necessary. We definitely won’t talk you into any work that is not absolutely essential to fix and maintain the good condition of your pipework. We focus solely on getting your drain unblocked and the drains flowing again as soon as possible.


You Can Trust Our Experience

At Hughes Plumbing Contractors we have over 40 years of combined plumbing experience and expertise we bring to the table. Combined with the latest high-pressure water jetters, CCTV drain cameras and traditional snakes rods, there are not many blockages that can stop us. These technologies allow us to unblock sewer and stormwater lines more thoroughly than any other plumbing company in the business. We can help keep your drains clear, so you don’t have to spend more of your hard-earned cash on extremely expensive and overpriced drain repairs or replacements.


If you have been advised by another Ningi plumbing contractor your drains require repairing or replacement, please contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors for a second opinion before proceeding. We can offer a completely unbiased assessment your drain condition and truthful professional advice about the options open to you. Many times, we successfully saves Ningi homeowners thousands of dollars of unnecessary and disruptive drainage excavations.


Affordable Drain Clearing for Ningi Residents


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are the professionals when it comes to unblocking drains. Operating in the Ningi area for years, we have helped homeowners and businesses alike with their drainage problems. Some methods we use to unclog pipes are electric eels, high-pressure water jetters and CCTV camera drain inspections.

Electric eels have a motorised cutting blade that easily cuts through roots and other solid objects smoothly and can clear blocked drains quickly and easily. Hughes Plumbing Contractors possesses the most up-to-date electric eel drain cleaning machines that cut through blockages in toilet drains and shower drains. Our professional plumbing team have extensive training and the experience to efficiently clear almost any blocked drain using their electric eels.

High-pressure hydro-jetting uses extremely high-velocity water pressure to cut through tree roots, grease and dirt build-up on the inside walls of sewerage and stormwater pipes. Our powerful jetters have the power to blast through even the severest blockages whilst flushing the whole pipe and leaving the lines clear.

Using Hughes Plumbing Contractors’ CCTV drain cameras, obstructions, blockages or damaged parts of your pipes are systematically inspected. This aides in locating the problem easily so excavation can be localized and restricted to the section in point. Using our CCTV Sewer-cam has saved Ningi residents and commercial customers thousands of dollars by preventing unnecessary excavation.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are fully licensed and experienced pipe relining plumbers. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time with minimal fuss or disruption to your daily life. We can reline cracked, leaking, root-infested or blocked pipes instead of digging them up. Previously, the only way to repair damaged drains was to excavate and replace the broken sections. However, with the advent of pipe relining, we can insert a super-strong PVC pipe lining into your damaged pipes to create a long-lasting water tight seal. This options could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


Need Help Unblocking your Drain in Ningi?


Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help unblock your clogged drains no matter the time of day or night. Our blocked drains services include:


✓ High-pressure water jetting

✓ Old school ‘Snake’ rodding

✓ CCTV camera drain inspections

✓ Drain inspection reports

✓ Drain excavation and repairs

✓ No-dig pipe repairs (Trenchless pipe relining)

✓ Vacuum excavation

✓ Pipe testing and locating


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are Ningi’s Affordable Blocked Drain Plumbers



Hughes Plumbing Contractors are available 24/7 for all blocked drain emergencies. We have plumbers available right now to help unblock your drains anywhere in Ningi. Call 0406 288 142 or contact us via the form below. We’ll come to your home or business to get the drains flowing again in no time!

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