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Rothwell Blocked Drains Plumbers


Hughes Plumbing Contractors offer Blocked Drain plumbing services throughout Rothwell.


We are a fully licensed, qualified company and we offer our services 24/7! With over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, you can rest assured knowing Hughes Plumbing Contractors are the best local plumber in Rothwell.


How Might I Remove a Simple Toilet Blockage At Home?

The primary thing to remember when your toilet is blocked is to avoid repeatedly flushing, as this can make the problem far worse than it is already. Some steps you should follow to temporarily remove your toilet blockage are:


  1. With a bucket and cup, remove all excess water from the toilet bowl. Remember to wear rubber gloves while doing this.
  2. Insert a rubber plunger into the base of the bowl.
  3. Force the plunger down hard at least five times.
  4. This will push water down the pipe. If the blockage isn’t particularly major, this should at least partly clear it away.
  5. Keep in mind that following the above steps will at first make it appear as though the problem has been fixed forever. However, in most cases, the same kind of problems will occur again the next day.

Why Might Pipes Get Blocked Again After A Short Period Of Time?


  • Tree roots

Roots growing into your drains are the most common cause of recurring blockages. Depending on the type of tree, root blockages can grow into a cracked pipe or pipe joint within a small number of months. In these cases we use our water jetter which we bring to every site, clearing the pipe which we will then flush through with water.


  • Broken pipes

Sharp edges of a drain pipe breakage can collect waste material from the toilet, causing recurring blockages until the drain has been properly and fully repaired. If this is the case, we often recommend further action such as drain repair or inspection of the drain by using our CCTV Drain Camera technology.


  • Other blocks

We recommend you never flush man-made items down the toilet or sink such as baby wipes and sanitary napkins. These often get caught in the toilet or sewer pipe and can cause major blockages with get worse over time. Watch out for deodorising devices and children’s toys as these can quickly cause hard-to-solve blockages.



What Equipment Do Hughes Plumbing Contractors Use?


We use CCTV Drain Cameras to find the cause of the persistent problem. This allows us to find the specific location and depth of the block in the piping system of your home or property.


We can clear either domestic or commercial blocked drains in Rothwell. Our high-pressure water jetter equipment can remove blockages up to 80m from the opening point and this leads to minimal mess. The high-pressure water jetter can also tear through roots and remove solid fat from drainage pipes.



Is Your Drain Or Toilet in Rothwell Getting Blocked Over and Over? Don’t Waste Any More Time – Contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors And Get That Blockage Clear For Good! Using Our Modern Equipment, We’ll Get Your Drains Flowing Again Fast.

No matter whether its tree roots, fat or fabrics causing your blockage – Hughes Plumbing Contractors can handle it. Along with being fully qualified and licensed, our plumbers have over 40 years of collective experience to rely on.

Our blocked drains services include:

Blocked sewer lines

Blocked stormwater drains

High-pressure hydro-jetting drain clearing

High-pressure hydraulic root cutting

Tree root intrusion specialists

CCTV drain camera inspections

Pipe and fault locating equipment

Electric eel drain clearing

Drain inspection reports

Drain excavation and repairs

No-dig pipe repairs (Trenchless pipe relining)

Vacuum excavation

Pipe testing and locating


Finally, A Plumbing Company You Can Rely On – Hughes Plumbing Contractors! We Are Qualified, Licensed and Experienced, So We Can Handle Whatever You Throw At Us.


Experience the Hughes Plumbing Contractors difference for yourself today!


Experienced and professional Australian plumbers

Over 40 years’ combined experience

Latest technology and equipment

Fully licensed and insured

Full public liability insurance cover

Friendly personal service

Expert honest advice

We live & work in and around Rothewell



Hughes Plumbing Contractors are the best local 24/7 blocked drain plumber in Rothwell. With the industry standard in drain clearing tools and years of first-hand experience dealing with blocked drains, there’s no better Blocked Drain Plumber in Rothwell.


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