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How Could My Morning Routine Cause A Kitchen Sink Blockage in Brendale?


Nothing messes up your day quite as fast as a blocked sink. Your kitchen or bathroom could be out of order and you may need to call a plumber to have repairs done. Fortunately, you can avoid this hassle by understanding how to avoid clogged sinks in Brendale.

Nothing sets you up for a great day quite like a cup of coffee in the morning, and nothing ruins you day like the inability to use your kitchen sink. Believe it or not, coffee could be the very thing that gets your day off to a bad start.

It’s not the coffee itself that causes blockages, but the coffee grounds that can build up in your sink. It may be tempting to pour grounds down the sink when you’re finished with them, but you should avoid this. They will swell and get stuck inside your pipes, leading to frustrating clogs. Rather than putting them down your sink drain, you should put them into a garbage bin or compost bin.

Another staple of a great start to the day is eggs. No matter whether you like to fry them, scramble them, boil them or make them into an omelette, they’re a favourite breakfast item for Aussies. But when you’re finished making your brekky, make sure you don’t unwittingly cause clogs by putting the shells or pan oil down your sink!

Everyone’s heard the advice of putting eggshells into the garbage disposal to clean it out. Scratch that – you should always put shells in the bin. If you don’t, they could latch onto your pipes and collect debris, quickly leading to an annoying blockage.

Following these steps will help you have a great morning free of pesky clogs in your kitchen. However, if you experience a blockage in Brendale, Hughes Plumbing Contractors can provide you with affordable and effective drain clearing solutions.


How to Deal With A Blocked Downpipe in Brendale


If you think you might have a blockage in your roof gutters, you can take several steps to clear them before resorting to assistance from a licensed and qualified plumber. You should start by removing leaves, sticks and other debris from the drain. Sometimes these things are all it takes for a clog to occur. Next, you should use a torch to take a look around the drain. We sometimes see gutter blockages in Brendale that have occurred due to animals building their nests. If you see this, contact a plumber so they can assist you to remove the unwanted visitors safely. You can also try and use a hose to remove clogs.


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