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Hot Water System Maintenance, Repair and Installations in Bribie Island


What’s So Important About Hot Water Systems In Bribie Island?

Hot water is absolutely something that most houses today can’t function without. Regrettably, it is also something that people take for granted until catastrophe occurs. When residents are left to deal with the hassle of sitting through cold showers, people can get frustrated quickly. But if you notice problems occurring with your hot water system, the last thing you should consider is attempting to fix it yourself. You could get seriously injured or make the problem worse, leading to more pesky expenses. You should always choose a licensed and qualified plumber like Hughes Plumbing Contractors to get the job done.
Some common issues you might be noticing that can indicate issues with your system include smelly water, no hot water, a noisy tank, leaks or a too little hot water.

What Do I Need To Know About Hot Water System Maintenance?

To begin with, you must have your water heater inspected by a licensed and qualified plumber at least once every two years. Most water heaters last for around 10 years, so a bi-annual check-up will allow you to proactively monitor signs of aging and prevent system failure. If you’ve got a storage tank system, you will need to have the anode rod replaced every 5 years. Anode rods prevent corrosion of your tank. If you’re using a gas powered tank, having regular maintenance work done will allow you to check whether your gas pressure is up to scratch.


What’s The Difference Between Gas and Electric Systems?


Gas storage and gas tankless systems are familiar to Bribie Island residents and they won’t be going away any time soon. Gas storage systems are popular for their low upfront costs, lower greenhouse gas emission and energy usage than electric systems and multiple sizes. On the other hand, tankless gas systems are used because they can be fitted with temperature regulators, on-demand hot water, no risk of bacteria growing and the fact that they can be wall mounted.

Electric hot water systems are popular all over Australia. The main reasons for this are relatively low upfront costs compared to running costs, safe operation, small size and the fact that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


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