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Blocked Drains in Brighton

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Who’s Responsible for Blockages in Strata Properties?


If you live in, own or manage a strata property, you’ll eventually have to deal with plumbing just like in any other residence. However, figuring out who’s responsible for dealing with a clogged pipe in a strata property can be a bit complicated. Figuring out whose job it is to take responsibility for repairs may depend on a variety of factors.

Generally, anything inside a unit is the responsibility of the person who own the unit. Anything outside the unit, including common areas, is the domain of the strata property owner. However, things can get much more complicated when plumbing issues in one unit start to affect other areas.


Drain blockages are one of the most common plumbing issues across all kinds of properties. In order to decide who is responsible, you’ll first need to figure out where your blockage is occurring. Generally, blockages in sink and bathtub drains in Brighton are the unit owner’s problem as the blockage is occurring inside their property.

An exception to this rule is shower drains and other floor drains. Generally, these are a problem for body corporate to deal with. This is because these pipes run underneath the ground and often serve multiple unit buildings at one. In situations like this, it’s hard to decipher whether a unit owner is the reason for the blockage. Regardless, when a blockage starts to affect multiple properties, it’s usually the strata property owner’s job to deal with it. The same thing applies for blocked sewer pipes in Brighton because they serve the entire building, not just one individual unit.

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Why Do My Pipes In Brighton Get Blocked Regularly?


Blocked drains are a common plumbing issue in Brighton, but they aren’t supposed to occur on a regular basis. If this starts to happen, you may be suffering from some of the problems listed below.


Bad water flow or cracked pipes are often the result of incorrect plumbing installations. Mistakes made while installing your drain system can lead to expensive blockages. In the long term it’s always smarter to have a licensed plumber install your pipes.

Pipes can crack because of wear and tear or from tree root obstruction. Fractured pipes often become more vulnerable to blockages, while broken pipes may need to be replaced entirely.


Flushing items down your toilet that don’t belong there might also lead to a blockage eventually. Nappies, baby wipes, soap bars and children’s toys can all find their way down toilets in Brighton homes. Putting these objects in the bin and keeping a close eye on your children can save your drains from unnecessary blockages.


Grease, oil and food scraps are also common causes of drain blockages. Decomposing grease and food will get stuck on the inside of your pipes and eventually harden. This layer of muck build-up is very difficult to remove and can eventually block your entire pipe.


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