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How To Fix A Smelly Drain in Cashmere


Smelly drains are a typical problem in many homes in Cashmere. Luckily, they are generally easy to solve without the need for a plumber. A smelly drain can be an indication that something is going wrong in your drains.

It’s not hard for organic materials like food to get stuck in your pipes and go unnoticed. But once the drain starts to emit a foul smell, you’ll notice it right away. The bad smell is generally caused by decomposing food and bacteria growth.

If your pipes are emitting a musty scent, there’s a fair chance that mould is starting to grow. This can happen anywhere where moisture is present, making it a fairly common problem in drains.

Pipes are warm and wet, so it’s no wonder that they can attract tree root growth. Once they find a source of water, they’ll move into your drains. If this has happened, it’s best to call a professional like Hughes Plumbing Contractors to remove them.

Tiny drain flies can be a real nuisance. They’re attracted to anywhere with decomposing matter and stagnating water. They’ll quickly breed, and once there’s a lot they’ll create an unusual and unpleasant smell.

The most common and effective DIY solution to smelly drains is a combination of baking soda and vinegar. First, pour hot water down your drain, then chase it with half a cup of baking soda. Next, mix up a cup of boiling water and vinegar and put it down the drain. Wait ten minutes to see if the blockage is gone, then repeat the process. However, if this doesn’t remove whatever is causing the bad smell, you may need the assistance of an expert plumber in Cashmere like Hughes Plumbing Contractors.

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Why Is My Drain Making So Much Noise?


Normally, a sewer vent is a place where water comes into your drain, helping to promote proper water flow in your pipes. In most clogged drains, this still happens and that explains why noise doesn’t always occur. However, this isn’t the case for all pipes. In fixtures like toilets, air is siphoned into the pipes. When a toilet is flushed upstream of a clog, the water being flushed has to move air in front of it, causing a bubbling noise. A drain that is functioning how it’s supposed to will not make any noise. If it is, you may have a blockage that requires the help of a licensed and qualified plumber.


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