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What Are The Main Causes of Clontarf Blocked Drains?


Blocked pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems that people experience. In some cases they’re unavoidable, but in many cases they are the result of misinformation and carelessness. Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help you understand blockages so you can prevent them.

One type of clogged pipe that’s hard to avoid is tree root growth. Clontarf residents are blessed to live in such a beautiful area with loads of trees around, but they can cause unexpected problems with plumbing. There are a lot of pine trees in the area, and these have particularly strong root systems that can grow into pipes. This is even more likely to occur if you have a small crack in your pipes. The leaking water will draw tree roots towards your pipes. Once they get inside, you’re in big trouble. Luckily, Hughes Plumbing Contractors can deal with tree root clogs in Clontarf quickly and easily.

Tree roots aren’t the only cause of blocked drains in Clontarf. In fact, many drain problems are the result of foreign objects being flushed down the drain. Make sure food scraps and wet wipes go in the bin, instead of down your pipes. If you’ve got young kids, make sure they don’t accidentally drop their plastic toys down the toilet. An upset child isn’t the only problem that will occur – you might get a drain blockage, too!

As a general rule of thumb, you should limit the amount of soap you use in your sinks, showers and bathtub. Most soap contains fat which will solidify in your drains over time. You’ll also be saving money on soap by using less!

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How Do Plumbers in Clontarf Clear Blocked Drains?


Don’t bother using drain cleaning chemicals if you’ve got a blocked drain – call Hughes Plumbing Contractors instead. We can clear your drains in Clontarf without exposing you to toxic fumes or damaging your pipes.

We often use CCTV drain cameras to diagnose problems with your drains. Rather than wasting time trying to eliminate potential causes one by one, we can see right into your drains and figure out what’s blocking them right away. We can even figure out how deep your blockage is occurring.

When it comes to clearing out your blocked drain, we have the best equipment on the market. Long gone are the days of plungers and metal rods – we use electric eels and high pressure water jetters to eliminate blockages fast. If you’ve got clogged pipe, we can eliminate the issue in no time.


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Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your go-to plumber in Clontarf. We’re licensed, qualified and highly experienced with a team of master tradesmen by our side. We’ve got the right equipment for the job, too – our combined use of drain cameras, electric eels and hydro jetters will get rid of your clogs for good. When you need a drain clearing plumber, call us on 0406 288 142 or send an email to!


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