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Equipped with the latest of specialised drain clearing equipment and technology you can rest assured that your drains will be flowing freely in no time! Using high pressure water pumped though hose reels and specialised cutting heads with high pressure jets to cut and clear blockages of grease, oils, fats, silts, hair, roots, concrete and more with pressures up to 6000PSI, no blockage stands a chance against our HP water jetters!

What is the benefit of Water Jetting technology as opposed to traditional steel rods?

While the traditional ‘snake’ method is still effective, there are many benefits of using a HP water jetter for clearing drains including: safety of users and nearly persons, minimal mess, any noise is away from the area where the operator is working, faster set-up and pack-up times, the heads designed to be used on HP water jetters give the internal bore of the pipework a full 360 degree pressure clean allowing prefect vision when inspecting pipework after clearing, cost effective, environmentally friendly and more flexibility to clear different size pipes with the one machine.


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Having fully-functioning plumbing is something that we often take for granted. It’s only when something goes wrong that we tend to notice all the pipes and drains in our homes and businesses. Blocked drains can happen in a number of situations, including the following:

If you’ve got water overflowing into your backyard and gardens, or if you can smell sewerage when you’re outside the house, there’s a good chance you’ve got a blocked stormwater or sewer drain. Drains that run underground will quickly build up with dirt, mud and other debris. Adding this to the waste they are already draining to begin with can cause some very powerful blockages. Tree root intrusion and damaged or collapsing pipes are also very common causes of stormwater and sewer drain blockages.

There is nothing more frustrating or unpleasant than having a blocked toilet. This kind of blockage can very easily bring a home or a business to a grinding halt, causing major inconvenience. Using too much toilet paper, sanitary napkins or baby wipes are common reasons for a blocked toilet drain.

Kitchen sinks commonly experience blockages which are usually caused by fat, oil and grease build up. Sink blockages can be quite difficult to remove and we do not recommend using harsh home drain cleaners. Instead call a professional plumber.

Soap, body wash, toothpaste and hair all build up in bathroom drains. These can easily form difficult to remove blockages. If you’ve tried traditional remedies such as pouring boiling water down the drain and your pipes are still blocked, it’s time to call in the experts.

A blocked laundry drain can result in flooding and become a huge inconvenience. Generally, laundry drain blockages will result from a build-up of hair, lint or soap. We recommend having these blockages remedied as soon as possible to prevent more serious issues later down the track.

If you’ve ever unexpectedly found your commercial or public toilet has a blocked urinal drain, you definitely won’t want to wait to have it cleared. Crystalline deposits that accumulate in urinals can form into hard clogs over time. Blocked urinal drains are unpleasant for customers and if not dealt with immediately, they can be difficult to remove.


Blocked Drain FAQ

There are many fixtures throughout each home that rely upon drain systems to function correctly. Blockages can occur in kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showers, stormwater and sewer drains.

When something is stuck inside your drains, it won’t go down without a fight. The most common signs of a blockage include gurgling noises, slow water flow and unpleasant odours. One of these symptoms occurring could be attributed to other issues, but a combination is a sure sign something is wrong.

Drain clearing is a job that should always be left to the experts. The drain cleaning liquids you might find on the shelf at the supermarket often contain toxic, highly acidic chemicals which can harm your family and damage your pipes. If you notice problems with your drains, please call a licensed and qualified plumber to ensure that no one gets hurt.

The experts at Hughes Plumbing Contractors generally clear blockages using a hydro jetter or an electric eel. Each method is different – hydro jetters are like a powerful hose whereas electric eels use a metal blades to shred clogs. Our combination of in-depth plumbing knowledge and modern equipment allows us to remove stubborn blockages without causing any damage to the inside of your pipes.

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Don’t let a pesky blocked drain get in the way of your daily activities or business. The team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors have the experience, skill and equipment necessary to deal with any kind of drain blockage. In the event of any drain issues across the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast areas, don’t hesitate to contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142.


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