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February 2021 Newsletter


Welcome to our
February Newsletter

And the Winner is…

100th Year
Reece Customer Awards
 Silent Achiever Award

Congratulations Sonya for winning this outstanding award!
Sonya’s efforts were recently recognised by our trade supplier – Reece, for her silent achievements within our company. Sonya was selected out of all Reece customers in Australia for this very prestigious and well-deserved award.
Sonya prizes included a cash prize as well as a PowerUp Cert 4 in Leadership & Management. Sonya really deserves this recognition for all the hard work she does behind the scenes on a daily basis.
The team here at Hughes Plumbing Contractors and our customers congratulate you on this amazing award.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors

Taking care in your home and taking pride in our work by keeping our customers happy.

Good workers clean up after themselves but
the best tradesmen don’t make a mess in the first place!

Another new Advanced Enviro Septic
(AES) Install

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help with all your septic or treatment plant work.

Whether it be a new install, a conversion, new trenches or removal and relocation or even a sub-division requirement, our team can help with the entire process making it nice and easy for the owner.

School Water Bubbler Upgrade to
a New Water Station

Hughes Plumbing Contractors works closely with schools to provide the best facilities for their students.
Here we have another water bubbler / water station upgrade for the pupils.
The students love being able to fill their water bottles with nicely chilled water in our very hot conditions.
Well done to this school on their facility upgrades!

Submersible Pump in Grey Water Tanks 
 – Old and New

Here’s a few of our recent submersible pump replacements.

Old Vs New:– there are no words for the comparisons!





Here’s a few snaps from last month’s commercial works!

Commercial back flow device testing

Is your annual back flow device test due soon?

Water meter leaks – Valve replacement

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill?

Scheduled maintenance for our customers

Does your business require help with any plumbing issues?

Commercial bathroom & kitchen maintenance and upgrades

Staff and customer amenities looking  bit worse for wear?

Kids Love Diggers!

Hughes Plumbing Contractors love having their families involved with their work.
Dan recently had a little surprise visit from his son who was super excited to jump on board our little digger for some safe fun with Dad.
Training up the next generation of the best plumbers, drainers and gas fitters!

One Call – We Do It All

As you can see from this month’s newsletter, Hughes Plumbing Contractors are able to help with any and all plumbing, drainage and gas fitting jobs.

We service the entire south-east Queensland region and are available 24/7 – 365 days a year.

So whether you have a blocked drain, need help with your annual backflow test, or anything else in between, Hughes Plumbing Contractors have you covered.

Get in touch with our One Call We Do It All team today!

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