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Elimbah Hot Water Plumbers


What’s so important about hot water and how do I identify the need for a specialist?


Hot water systems are an essential feature in most residences and businesses. We depend on them and assume they will function without issues. Once you’ve had a hot water system installed from a dependable company, we often forget to pay attention to these systems until something stops working. At that point, you need the services of a hot water plumber like Hughes Plumbing Contractors to provide fast, friendly and reliable solutions.

When Do I Need Hot Water Emergency Repair in Elimbah?

If your water is icy or not as warm as it was in the past, it’s probably clear that your water heater is beginning to fail. Issues with water temperature could be indicative of a failed heating component or malfunctioning thermostat.

A more serious issue is the presence of an unusual smell, taste or appearance to your hot water, or an unusual sound coming from your hot water system. If any of these occur, you need emergency hot water repair.


What Are The Benefits Of Having An Old Hot Water System Replaced?


While hot water systems are made to last for years, they won’t last forever. A old-style tank-style hot water system will last for ten years, while a modern tankless hot water heater can last for up to 20 years! If your water heater is creating issues and nearing the end of its lifespan, you should be considering a whole new system altogether. In some cases, the price of maintaining that old water heater may outwiegh the cost of a replacement.  Newer hot water models are more efficient and will help you save your money over the long term.



What Is the Importance Of Regular Hot Water Maintenance? 


Regular servicing by one of our licensed and qualified hot water technicians will ensure hassle-free hot water in the future. Your hot water servicing should be done by a hot water plumber at least every 5 years.

If you wait longer than this you run the risk of manufacturer’s warranty becoming void. A hot water service won’t take long – usually between 30 to 45 minutes. It’s a tiny price to pay for peace of mind and hassle-free hot water systems.


Did you know that most manufacturers won’t cover your hot water system warranty if it isn’t serviced by a licensed or qualified plumber. Hot water tanks are a costly appliance so why run the risk of a void warranty?


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Hughes Plumbing Contractors are licensed and qualified to undertake emergency repairs, replacements and servicing of hot water systems. We have over 40 years’ of combined experience in the industry and there’s no job too big for us. As soon as you experience an issue with your hot water system, call Ben on 0406 288 142 or send an email to


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