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July 2020 Newsletter


Hot Water Systems

Well, Winter is finally here and our team see an increase in hot water systems that seem to fail or completely stop working.
Our team can arrange all your hot water system needs – whether it be a small inside hot water unit or large outside unit, including instantaneous gas hot water units.
We also install banks of hot water units for town houses and unit complexes to supply sufficient hot water for all the residents.
Our team provide a 24/7 service for all your hot water needs.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors can remove your old hot water system and install your new hot water system regardless of its location.
No matter  where your hot water system is located, this is no problem for our team.
See some recent hot water system replacements below:

Eyewash / Shower Stations – Installations and Testing

Commercial, Industrial and Residential – One Call – We Do It All.
Did you know Hughes Plumbing Contractors can install, test and service your shower and eyewash stations?
We can arrange installation and annual inspections without any interruptions to your business.
NOTE: Did you know it is a requirement with the Plumbing and Drainage Act to have an annual inspection and permanent tag attached to each shower / eyewash unit after the successful completion of each inspection.
Call Hughes Plumbing Contractors for Your Annual Inspection
Properly maintained eyewash and shower stations are essential to protect the health of your employees who work with harmful substances. No matter what industry you are in, you must follow government laws and regulations to maintain a safe workplace and avoid fines.
For your annual eye wash station inspection, look no further than Hughes Plumbing Contractors. Get in touch today via email or over the phone on 0406 288 142.

This is one of our recent projects, which also includes annual inspections and tagging.

Yuck! What is that smell coming up from my floor waste?

We recently attended one of our fitness centres who had concerns over the bad odour that was coming out of the floor waste.
After inspecting the floor waste, we could clearly see there was a build-up of body grease, dirt, paper and hairs.
After removing all the contaminants, we thoroughly cleaned and jet blasted to ensure there were no foreign objects left behind that would cause blockages and further bad smells.
We were able to leave our fitness centre and its members very happy indeed. 

Truck Water Fill Station

A local motorcycle club recently upgraded some of their facilities and engaged our team of licensed backflow / TMV plumbers to install a truck water fill station.

This makes it easy to fill the trucks safety and keep their first-class track and club looking fantastic.

 Ben, our superstar, promotes our awesome team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors in a recent article reported in a South East Qld newspaper.

Fire reel water line
Damaged and leaking pipe location and replacement

Our team was recently called out to an “emergency locate and replace” water leak that was the main water feed to a fire hose reel.
This was attached to a commercial licensed venue and as per our safety procedures, we secured the site and made the necessary urgent work without any impacts to customers, traffic, trading or other business’s in the complex.

Damaged pipe that was removed and replaced with a new section


Hughes Plumbing Contractors supporting a sustainable planet

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing we are helping with the sustainability and recycling to help our planet.
We love helping with the up cycling and repurposing of pre-loved homes and bringing them a fresh new lease of life.
Here we have a newly stumped re movable home we are helping get ready for her new family to enjoy the beautiful features these homes have to offer.
Keep reading our newsletters to watch the progress of this beautiful character home.

A day in the life of an apprentice
Congratulations to Jack for entering the next year level in his apprenticeship.
Jack is one of the many Australian apprentices that will be the next generation of quality and professional tradespeople in the near future.
Jack is supported by a great team of qualified and highly skilled plumbers, drainers and gas fitters.

Here you can see Jack using the Copper BP Press tool on some copper pipes
Apprenticeships are a very important part of any trade as it keeps the integrity and highly skilled job functions coming through the relevant industry over the years.
Without our customers supporting our apprentices, we wouldn’t be able to give opportunities to young people wanting to enter trade industries.

Jack installing and testing a new kitchen mixer tap for one of our highly valued customers

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