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June 2020 Newsletter


World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week:
May 10th -16th

Last month, the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors celebrated World Retinoblastoma Awareness week by taking time to remember their own personal journey with little Eli (as seen in the May/June edition of the Master Plumbers Qld Magazine – article below).
Retinoblastoma or RB for short is a rare form of eye cancer that rapidly develops in children under 5 years. By celebrating World Retinoblastoma Week, we can raise awareness to this rare childhood eye cancer and hopefully educate people to know the signs and get an early detection and positive outcome.
“Know the Glow” is noticing the glow that is usually present in a child’s pupil when a photo is taken with a flash on. By taking and reviewing photos of your child, may assist with an early detection to this rare cancer.
“Know the Glow” is an awareness campaign associated to Retinoblastoma. Let’s spread the word – “Know the Glow” for Retinoblastoma awareness.

Drains Not Working Properly?
The team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors have been kept busy with blocked pipes and drains. Here’s one of the very many blockages recently jetted and cleared to allow the drains to fully function again. Even small shrubs and trees can cause root blockages in pipes like below and will eventually stop water and waste freely flowing downstream.

Dishwasher Upgrades and Replacements
Hughes Plumbing Contractors can remove your old dishwasher and Install with a new more efficient dishwasher in a flash. Dish washers come in a variety of colours, styles, models, brands and come as freestanding or under bench units. We can arrange a suitable time to measure up and assist you with available choices, colours, brands etc.
With a full service from removing the old unit, ordering and installing a new unit – your new dish washer will be up and running in no time.

Old Dishwasher 

New Dishwasher 

Want Gas Hot Water?
Yes, of course we can help with that!

Take a look at our replacement of an old inefficient gas hot water unit for a brand-new Bosch Gas Hot Water Unit.
FACT #1:
Did you know it is a requirement that a licensed gas fitter installs and works on your gas appliances. Not all plumbers are licensed gas fitters. Hughes Plumbing Contractors possess the all relevant gas fitting licenses, training and qualifications.
FACT #2:
It is a Queensland Government requirement that the licensed gas fitter also completes a Gas System Compliance Certificate. You should receive a copy of this form that also has to be sent in to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Furthermore, a compliance plate must also be attached to the gas unit that was replaced or worked on.

Old Bosch Hot Water Unit that was no longer working.

Brand New Bosch Hot Water unit installed by Hughes Plumbing Contractors.

Queensland Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards
Last year our administration officer Sonya won a prestigious “Andrea Volger Women in Business Award.” presented by Tradelink.
We are wishing Sonya and our team all the success for next month’s awards night presentation for the 2020 Plumbing and Gas industry Awards.

Did Someone Say Food?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are proud to be maintaining the facilities at one of our customer’s fast food outlets. It’s always a pleasure looking after our customers and their first-class restaurants. 

 CCTV Shows You What’s Blocking Your Drains

When you notice your pipes are slow to drain away or simply not draining at all, it is highly likely you have a blockage. This could happen due to a number of reasons, but more importantly the blockage needs to be located and cleared quickly.
With our specialised CCTV equipment, Hughes Plumbing Contractors can conduct live recordings, locate the blockage and provide this information to you. This enables you to know the exact site of the blockage and what is causing it.
We follow this with unblocking process, which we can also be done at the same time as the CCTV locating procedure.
Hughes Plumbing contractors have fully equipped trucks to deliver ALL Round Solutions to your Plumbing Problems.

Have you seen our New Work Ute Getting Around?

We still have our fleet of trucks on the road and have incorporated the new-look ute into our existing fleet. Thanks to the team at Caboolture Signs and Distinctive Signs for your latest custom design wraps and fantastic workmanship.

Have you got Leaking Gas?

Regularly we are called to inspect and fix leaking gas regulators on gas bottle set ups.
Here is another before and after example of gas regulators that have been inspected and rectified.
Did you also know that not all plumbers are licensed gas fitters?
Rest assured our team are fully licensed in plumbing, drainage, gas fitting, back flow prevention and TMV endorsed plus much more.

Leaking Gas Regulator (See the bubbles where gas leaking is present)

New Regulator and no more Gas Leaks.

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