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I’m Having Issues with My Hot Water System – What Should I Do?


  • Do you need a new hot water system installed in your home?
  • Is your current system failing and showing signs like noisy operation or leaking?
  • Are you considering upgrading to a more efficient system or one that’s more eco-friendly?


We know the despair of having to survive without hot water for any span of time, and we don’t think this is something anyone should have to put up with. Hughes Plumbing Contractors are well-known for our trustworthy service and reliable plumbers, as well as having a lot of knowledge in servicing, repairs and replacements, all at an affordable price. If your hot water system is getting old and not functioning like it used to, it is always worth getting a routine check-up. If the system is older than 12 years, you must do that – hot water systems are almost guaranteed to fail after this amount of time.

One of our specialists can evaluate the condition of your hot water system and offer you with their best advice to allow you to make an educated decision on what you need to do in order to keep your hot water system functioning as intended. We are well aware of the necessity of making well-measured and calculated decisions when it comes to your home.

Our knowledgeable tradesman can install, repair or maintain many kinds of units and heating systems including electric and gas hot water systems. Whatever type of unit your home is currently using, we are self-assured in our capability to provide you with top-quality servicing and repairs.


I’m Looking for a Replacement System in Kilcoy– What are My Options?

If you’re currently using an electric hot water system, you have several replacement options. You could use a highly efficient continuous flow or storage natural gas system or an electric boosted water heater.
If you’re currently using a gas hot water system, you could consider a newer and more efficient continuous flow water heater. This will likely be cheaper than your previous system.

What’s the Importance of Size When It Comes To Hot Water Systems?

A storage system that isn’t big enough will keep running out of hot water. On the other hand, a storage system that’s too large will be more costly to run and maintain as it will sustain water temperature, even when it’s not in use.
The same thing applies when it comes to continuous flow systems – if it’s too small, it might not be able to uphold your demand for hot water if multiple outlets in your home are being used simultaneously. This means you wouldn’t be able to have a hot shower while someone is doing the dishes or washing clothes.


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Why Should I Choose Hughes Plumbing Contractors in Kilcoy?

We are a highly experienced team of plumbers with all the necessary licences and qualifications in Queensland. We are family owned, and have serviced Kilcoy and other areas north of Brisbane for many years and built a strong reputation while doing so. Additionally, we provide 24hr service – even in a hot water emergency, so there’s no need to worry. As soon as you experience issues with your hot water system or if you’re looking for maintenance or a replacement system, call Ben on 0406 288 142 or send an email to

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