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Blocked Drain Plumbing in Kurwongbah


What Are The Main Causes Of Blocked Drains in Kurwongbah?


There are several ways a drain in your home can easily become blocked. The first of these is tree root obstruction. If a household has not had its ceramic pipes replaced, cracks can ensue and cause tree roots to grow through the pipes, causing large blockages. Plastic pipes may also break, but this is mainly caused by large vibrations, such as traffic from heavy vehicles, instead of regular wear and tear. A damaged pipe cannot control flow, and therefore leads to blockages.  A broken pipe may not be discovered for a number of years, until tree roots grow through a crack and needs to be removed.

Another potential cause of blocked drains is food and fats building up. Fat coagulates when it gets cold and this can lead to blockages in your drain. Certain foods such as rice or bread will hold moisture and expand in your drain. Eventually all the food in the drain will compact into a solid blockage. This can be a major issue if you live in an area where your pipe system is under high pressure. For this reason, you should always dispose of food into the bin if possible.

Blocked drains may also be caused by unacceptable items being flushed down a drain. A common culprit is wet wipes and sanitary products. Despite being marketed as flushable and water soluble, this is not the case. You should be very cautious with how you dispose of these items.


Is It Safe To Clear A Blocked Drain Myself Or Do I Need To Call A Plumber?


Clearing blocked drains by yourself is risky business. The primary danger of attempting to clear blockages at home is exposure to toxic chemicals. The drain clearing products sold in stores contain caustic chemicals and volatile ingredients. What would you do if you accidentally spilled these chemicals or got them on your skin? Using these chemicals is an unnecessary risk for you and your family. These chemicals are also poisonous and terrible for the environment – they could easily kill plants or animals with accidental exposure.

Along with being dangerous, using these chemicals can actually cause further damage to your pipes. If a stubborn clog is sitting in your drains and the drain clearing product can’t dissolve it, it will start to corrode your pipes. Don’t waste your time with these products – contact the experts at Hughes Plumbing Contractors instead.


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What Should I Do When I Experience A Blocked Drain in Kurwongbah?

It’s simple – get in contact with Hughes Plumbing Contractors and we’ll get your drains clear. We’re a team of highly experienced, licensed and qualified tradesmen with years of experience working in Kurwongbah and surrounding areas. We’ve got state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal – we can deal with stubborn blockages in no time. As soon as you start having issues with your drain, call Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142 or send an email to

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