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Have You Got A Blocked Drain In Lawnton?


How Do I Know If My Drain Is Blocked In The First Place?


  • Gurgling sound coming from sinks, toilets or showers.

A typical early indication of a blocked drain is a gurgling noise. This sound is created by the pipe starting to fill up further down the line, or filling up and draining very slowly. If you notice this, it means a full blockage may occur soon.


  • Toilet bowl draining slowly

This problem is very common and many of our customers report it. It is similar to the gurgling noises mentioned above. The difference is that a slowly draining toilet bowl is due to a partial blockage. Your drain is only letting a small amount of water be flushed at any given time, which backs up the water in the toilet bowl. Slow drainage could also be due to the use of excessive toilet paper getting stuck in the bowl.


  • Foul smell coming from drain pipes outside the house

Smelling sewerage outside your home definitely isn’t normal. A vent pipe built into your sewer system is meant to stop this from happening. If you’re noticing a bad smell, it’s probably caused by a sewerage overflow in your garden or a broken pipe. Immediate attention is required in either of these cases.


  • Overflowing sewer out of drains

The overflow does not mean your sewer system is malfunctioning – if this occurs, your sewer system is doing its job. Open drains are applied for this reason so that they overflow outside of your home instead of inside.


When Do I Need To Call An Expert Plumber In Lawnton?


If you have noticed the signs listed above occurring in your Lawnton home and they’ve stayed the same or gotten worse, it’s time to call an expert plumber. The team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors have access to high quality equipment that will swiftly and easily sort out most blockage issues and limit the potential for further damage to your pipes.

The health and safety of everyone in your home should be a top priority. Any blockage that may involve exposure to sewage should only be operated upon by a licensed and qualified professional. Although it’s an unpleasant job, we’re used to dealing with it and we understand all the precautionary measures. Hughes Plumbing Contractors can get the job done properly without risk of injury or sickness as a result of contamination.

If the blockage is situated in a stormwater or main drain line then you should consult an expert. Many things could go wrong if you attempt this part of the job yourself. The last thing you need is additional damage to your plumbing.


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I’ve Had A Blockage In My Home!

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