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Signs of Blocked Drains


You should always aim to understand the signs of a clogged pipe. Doing so will allow you to deal with the issue quickly by calling a trusted local plumber. The indicators of a drain problem are generally easy to notice, so keep an eye out!

If you’ve got a blocked toilet in Burpengary, you may notice the water level sitting higher than it usually does. Your toilet also might take longer to flush than usual, or makes strange noises when water goes down the pipe. All of these things are key indicators of a drain blockage in Burpengary.

You may also notice unpleasant odours coming from your pipes. This isn’t normal – it can indicate a serious blockage that may be breeding bacteria. In a worst case scenario, this smell may be coming from sewerage building up in your drains.

If you’ve got water pooling up in your backyard, you could be experiencing a stormwater drain blockage. When leaves, sticks and dirt get stuck in these drains, the water has nowhere to go and will flow into your yard as a result.

Don’t let a blockage in your home go unnoticed – keep an eye out and call a plumber if you suspect a clogged drain. Hughes Plumbing Contractors have the skill necessary to deal with all kinds of plumbing issues in Burpengary.


Risks of Drain Cleaning Liquids


Along with hydrochloric acid, drain cleaning liquids also contain other poisonous ingredients. They all have acidic ingredients that include lye or bleach. These materials are known to decay rubber, such as the seal around the entrance of your sink. Drain cleaning liquids are a temporary solution that don’t always work.

The majority of drain cleaning liquids also contain acidic substances. When these chemicals end up in your drains, they can dissolve the bottom of your pipework, especially if they end up in the catch. They can also crystallize the metal in your pipes, weakening them over time. The last thing you want is a cracked pipe.

Drain cleaning liquids won’t just damage your pipes. They can seriously do harm to the people, pets and plants around you. When the caustic liquid in these products goes down the drain, they’ll find their way into the water system of your community. These products can create dangerous chemical reactions and send noxious fumes into your home. Worst of all, they can cause chemical burns to you or your pets. There’s no reason to put your home in harm’s way – call a professional plumber instead.


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