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March 2021 Newsletter


Welcome to our
March Newsletter

Autumn is here!


And just like that, Autumn is here and brings some relief from the hot and humid days and nights of the summer months.
Autumn is a great time to take a look at what’s going on around the outside of your house and check for any leaks including external taps, cleaning leaves from gutters, checking for wet spots in the yard, and getting your hot water system is ready for the winter months ahead.
The One Call We Do It All Team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help you with all the necessary external and internal checks to keep your house and property in tip top shape.

Easter Colouring In Competition for Kids.


This year we are having an Easter colouring in competition for the kids and we have 3 fantastic prizes to give away.

Simply download the picture for your child to colour in by clicking the appropriate button below that suits their age bracket and email your entries back to us at by the Monday 29th March.

When returning your entries, please include the following information:

Your child’s age
Your child’s name
Your contact phone number

0 – 4 Years Old Picture Download
5 – 9 Years Old Picture Download
10 – 15 Years Old Picture Download

March 11th  – World Plumbing Day


One of the most important days of the year, World Plumbing Day is officially on the 11th March every year, everywhere.

Initiated by the World Plumbing Council, World Plumbing Day is a day to celebrate the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society.

What’s Beneath your House?


Recently we attended a private residence which had an underground storm water pump station beneath the underground car park.

The floats had failed and the alarm light were not working and as such this could have led to flooding if left undetected.

We replaced the old failed pumps for new pumps and a new alarm light and had the system up and going in no time.

Blocked Urinals in the Workplace


At some stage we all encounter a blocked toilet but did you know that urinals also get blocked?
We often get called to attend blocked urinals at shopping centres, workplaces, fast food outlets and other locations.
Some reasons for urinal blockages can be due to a build-up of calcium or disposing of foreign objects in to the urinals amongst other things.

Is there Mould in your Home?

Mould being present in your home is not only a health concern and hazard but it can also be a warning that something else is going on.
We are seeing an influx of home owners calling us with their concerns after finding mould present and becoming an issue and returning after being cleaned.
Here’s a recent photo of a concealed leak that we located and repaired.
Although, it’s only a small pin hole the damage from the water and moisture can be extensive and very costly 

Stormwater Pits Struggling?

Have you noticed during heavy storms and rain falls that your storm water pits and drains just can’t cope with the volume of water?
Apart from the problem being a blocked or collapsed drain causing the back-up of water, it could also be that the current system is not sufficient to carry and discharge the storm water.
We recently attended a multi residential complex that had major flooding in the car park during heavy rain periods. We identified the current storm water pit and drainage system were failing and unable to carry the volume of water away.
We upgraded the storm water pit and lines and flooding in the carpark is no longer an issue for the residents here.



Who Said Plumbers Never Have Fun?

Ben and the team had fun playing in the mud recently doing an upgrade to a storm water line.

Although we had to stop work due to the rain, the team had fun slipping and sliding around for a while.
 More photos to come next month – if the rain allows us to continue!

One Call – We Do It All

Thanks again to all our awesome customers for taking the time to read our March newsletter. 

Remember to get your Easter Colouring In Competition entries in by 29th of March to be in the running for some great prizes for your kids.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are available 24/7 to help provide solutions to all your plumbing, drainage and gas fitting problems

Next time you need a hand, please get in touch with our One Call We Do It All team!

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