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What Kinds Of Blocked Drains Occur in Margate?


Hughes Plumbing Contractors have been working in Margate for years. In this time, we’ve seen all kind of blockages caused by a variety of things. Blocked toilets are particularly common, and they are easily avoidable most of the time. Putting items like nappies and sanitary pads in the bin instead of down the toilet will help you avoid toilet clogs.

Shower and bathtub clogs in Margate are a frequent issue our customers have. Build-up of hair and soap in your pipes will quickly and easily lead to blockages. You should aim to install a screen over your drain and minimise the amount of soap you use.

Stormwater drain blockages are more common in summer. As we all know, South East Queensland gets some massive storms in the later months of the year. Although thunderstorms are an iconic part of Margate summers, they can unexpectedly lead to stormwater drain blockages. The heavy winds of storms can send leaves, sticks and stones all around your backyard, and rain will wash these items into your stormwater drains. Keeping your gutters clear of garden debris is also a great way to avoid these blockages.

Kitchen sinks are often subjected to a lot of abuse. Fat, grease and food scraps are often washed down the sink without a second thought. If this keeps happening, you’ll eventually experience a stubborn and smelly blockage. Remember to put these items and substances in the bin when you can!

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What Are the Signs I’ve Got A Blocked Drain in Margate?


Blockages don’t come without a warning. Oftentimes, the signs of a clogged toilet, sink, shower or stormwater drain are present before a full blockage occurs. Keeping an eye out for these signs can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

A toilet, sink or shower that’s draining slower than usual is a common sign of a blockage building up. The flow of water will be obstructed by whatever is sitting in your drains. With time, more and more debris will build up and you’ll experience a full blockage.

A foul smell coming from your pipes can also indicate a problem. Some people in Margate just let themselves get used to the smell or assume that it’s normal, but this isn’t the case. A blockage that’s starting to smell is a serious issue.

Strange noises coming from your pipes may also indicate an issue sitting further down the line. When water tries to flow through a blockage, it won’t do so without a fight. The bubbling or gurgling noises you hear from your pipes may be a sign that something has built up in your drains.


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