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May 2020 Newsletter


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Covid-19 has impacted the world as we know it, however, the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors would like to thank all our customers for their continued support.
We have been able to continue trading with our entire team from your help and support.
This has allowed us to continue providing our full range of Plumbing, Drainage and Gas Fitting services to our customers.
 Hughes Plumbing Contractors practise and follow all health and safety guidelines and recommendations from all the governing bodies and government departments.


For our customers piece of mind – our team have all completed the Qld Master Plumbers  Covid-19 Awareness for the Plumbing Industry.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors Supporting our Farmers
We were featured in a Master Plumbers Qld article late last year highlighting some of the issues our farmers face on a daily basis.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors support our farmers and recognise the hard work and daily struggles they face.

RPZ Valves – What Are They? 

An RPZ valve (Reduced Pressure Zone) is a type of backflow prevention device used to protect water supplies from contamination.

Think of it as a one-way gate that allows water from the city’s water supply to flow into your building’s water pipes, but stops water if and when it ever tries to flow backwards into the main water supply.

Did you know that not all plumbers are able to work on RPZ and Backflow Devices?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are all Backflow and RPZ endorsed to install, upgrade, repair and test all types of Backflow devices and valves.

This project is a recent repair, test and upgrade to an educational facility’s RPZ service.

Our team are able to help with all types of valves regardless of the size and locations.
Additional information – there are requirements under the plumbing code for QBCC Form’s 4 for compliance and Form 9 for Test results to be completed.


Are You Ready For Winter? 

As the cooler months approach, we usually see an increase in hot water systems failing or blowing out at the bottom.

A new 250 Litre Therman hot water system was installed for our customers before the cold winter months are upon us.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can assist with all your hot water needs – solar, gas, electric repairs and replacements.

We also have temporary hot water systems available for emergency situations. 

Septic Tank Full Or Not Working Properly? 

Our customers found their septic tank full and called us to investigate and make repairs:
On investigation we found the septic tank full of tree roots and requiring the tank to be pumped out and cleaned.
With further works including – new inlet baffle installed in the septic tank and the grey water tank pump not working.
“With One Call – We Do It All” – Hughes Plumbing Contractors had the septic tank and pump well up and running in no time.

Taps Drip Drip Dripping?

“Every day we are wasting thousands of litres of valuable water from dripping taps.”

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can service all your taps, saving you water and unnecessary water bills.

With one call – we can have all your house taps serviced with no more drips.

Old Split Washers 

New Tap Washers

Congratulations to our Admin Officer Sonya for the position with the “Women’s Plumbing Alliance Committee” with Master Plumbers Queensland.
Sonya’s dedication to our plumbing industry is second to none. You can rest assured Sonya is up to date with all the current requirements and works tirelessly with governing bodies with the best interest of our industry.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your
“One Call, We Do It All”
local plumbers. 

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can assist with any plumbing, drainage or gas fitting services you require anywhere throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. 


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