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Clearing Drain Blockages in Moodlu

Moodlu blocked drains plumber

Why Are My Moodlu Drains Blocked?


Having a blocked drain can be extremely frustrating. Some people are unaware of the causes of drain blockages. As a result, they get clogs time and time again. This is a great waste of time and money. Understanding what causes draiage problems will make your life far easier.

Tree root growth is a very common cause of clogged drains. Certain tree species like figs, oaks and pines have highly aggressive root systems that can grow into pipes. If you have a crack in your pipe, this is even more likely to occur. This is because the water leaking from the crack draws roots towards your pipes. Luckily, Hughes Plumbing Contractors have high quality drain clearing equipment to deal with this issue quickly and efficiently.

You should always avoid flushing items like baby wipes or sanitary items down the toilet. You’d be amazed how many blockages we see in Moodlu as a result of these items. There’s a number of factors that make them particularly notorious. First of all, wet wipes and sanitary items will expand when they come into contact with water. Even if a blockage starts out small, it can quickly get very bad. If you’ve got any cracks in your pipes, the odds of having a clogged pipe can be far worse. This is because items you flush down the drain will get snagged on the crack and build up rapidly.

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How Do Plumbers Clear Clogged Pipes?


Experienced plumbers like Hughes Plumbing Contractors can deal with any kind of blockages in Moodlu quickly and easily. Rather than wasting your time trying to clear a pipe by yourself, get help from the professionals. We can get rid of clogs while keeping you pipes in good condition and your family free from harm.

Generally, we will diagnose the issue first using a CCTV drain camera. This equipment is excellent because it allows to figure out what’s blocking your drain right away, instead of spending time eliminating possibilities one by one. By looking into your drain with these cameras, we can get a clear idea of what’s going on and how we can solve it.

Once we’ve figured out what’s stuck in your drain, we will remove it using the right equipment for the job. Most of the time, we use high pressure water jetters or electric eels. Hydro jetters function like an extremely powerful hose which can blast blockages out of your pipe quickly. On the other hand, electric eels are similar to a long metal cable, except they have a device on the end to clear blockages. When this piece of equipment is uncoiled, it spins around and tears blockages apart quickly.


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