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Newsletter December 2019

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What Have the Team at
Hughes Contracting Group
Been up to Lately?

Finding Nemo

A leading pet store in Caboolture almost lost a major fish tank with their precious fish needing rescuing after a pump had failed. The team at Hughes Contracting Group quickly installed a new waste water pump to get the tank up and running and reduced any inconvenience to the operations of the pet store and their customers.  Feedback from the fish is – they were very happy with our work and they are now swimming around in their clean and clear water once again.

Hot Water Installations

As winter has come and gone, Hughes Contracting Group were kept busy installing a variety of hot water units. We found our customers were surprised by a cold-water experience and most of the time it was usually on a freezing cold winter’s night. With one call to Hughes Contracting Group, we were able to respond quickly and provide customers with new and more efficient hot water units for their families to enjoy a warm shower once again on a cold winter’s night.

We have a range of hot water units to assist our customers’ needs including electric, gas and instantaneous.

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This was the old and inefficient gas hot water system. A real dinosaur the our customer wanted replaced with a more energy-efficient electric hot water system.
The finished product. A new electric hot water system professionally installed by Hughes Contracting Group ready for our customer’s family to enjoy.
This out-dated and rusty old Saxon unit needed to be replaced with a new more energy-efficient, 250 litre hot water system.
We were thrilled with the new 250 litre electric unit installation. Our customers now have plenty of hot water for the whole family.

OH NO!!! Not a Broken Pipe!!!

With the extreme weather we experience in Queensland, it comes as no surprise to Hughes Contracting Group that pipes break all the time. With the movement in the ground due to extreme dry spells or extreme wet weather, moving soil can impact the stability of pipes underground and around your home.

Hughes Contracting Group uses a range of specialised equipment to locate the exact location of the broken pipe to save time and costs.

This particular customer required their driveway and concrete patio to be cut up, a new pipe to be installed and connected with some re-concreting work.

Our customer was very lucky as to avoid unnecessary water leaking from the mains which could have ended up being very costly to the homeowner.

Introducing Our New Full-Time Apprentice

Congratulations to our apprentice Jack who has just completed Year 12.

You may have seen Jack with the team at Hughes Contracting Group over the last 12 months in a part-time roll while finishing school. Now we welcome Jack to the team full-time and we are excited to watch him grow and develop over the next few years.

Welcome aboard and well done Jack!!!

Swim Swim Swim!!!

It’s that time of year, where we are getting ready to celebrate with our families, friends and loved ones while having a splash in the pool.

Did you know Hughes Contracting Group can help you get the maximum swim time from your pool and also assist with all your pump and filtration equipment?

With so many choices on the market, we can guide you through the products to get the most energy and cost-efficient products suited to your needs.

Some preventative things to look for include broken pipes, wet areas around or under your pool, noisy pumps and motors as well as pool water looking murky or not cleaning as well as it used to.

Our customers here, have asked Hughes Contracting Group to assist with heating their pool to provide swim time all year round. This will allow temperatures for year-round comfort for their grandchildren to have private swimming lessons in the comfort of their own home.

Getting maximum value from their pool – what a great idea!!!

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