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Newsletter January 2020


Happy New Year!

What did the team at
Hughes Contracting Group get up to over the month of December?

Meet the Team: Ben, Jack, Dan, Brenton and Tom.
Our boys had a great afternoon shooting targets at the Caboolture Clay Target Club.

Xmas Party 2019
Celebrating Christmas with friends, family and loved ones is very special to us.
The team at Hughes Contracting Group really enjoy getting together and make the most of this time we have.
We all have extremely busy lives, but it is important to show our appreciation to the team for all their hard work over the year.

 The team at Hughes Contracting Group celebrated Christmas with a dinner including our families, with the future next generation plumbers…

Thank you to the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors for all your hard work.

Leak Detection
Did you know that Hughes Contracting Group use specialised equipment to locate your water leaks both inside and outside of your home?

Leaking Pool

Our customer had noticed their pool was losing a lot of water and required constant topping up and relying on mains water. Our customer was very concerned they would receive a massive water bill – so they called Hughes Contracting Group to investigate, locate and make repairs.

Using our specialised leak detection equipment, we found a leak that was causing water to be lost on the floor of the pool. We quickly replaced the old hydrostatic valve and brittle rubber seal with new ones and the pool was up and running in no time.
With the extremely hot days over the month, our customer was very grateful for our prompt and efficient work allowing them to use their pool over the summer break

Leaking Bathroom and Broken Underground Pipes?

Another customer was concerned their bathroom may have a leak somewhere and that it possibly caused an underground damaged or a broken pipe.

One call to the team at Hughes Contracting Group and we were able to establish there was evidence of ground movement causing cracks in the yard and around the exterior of the house. 

With further investigations, we also identified there was damage to the interior of the house with large cracks on wall and door trims up to the ceiling.

Additional assessments were carried out using pressure testing, leak detection and dye tests.

These are some of the services Hughes Contacting Group provide our customers.

New Homes

Did you know Hughes Contracting Group can do all your plumbing, drainage and gas fitting on your new build or extension or renovation?

From the very beginning we can assist with plumbing and drainage plans and council applications. We can also help all the way through to the under-slab drainage, rough in and fit off with all stages being completed by the one company.

We also take over from where other plumbers may have left without completing works or where further investigations may be required with specialised equipment.

Here is one of our many projects our team have been working on recently.

This is a particularly unique property with steep sloping sides and minimal side access.

No problems for our experienced team of tradesman and quality workmanship.

Backflow and Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing

Did you know that it is a requirement under the Plumbing Code of Australia that all back flow and TMV Devices must have an annual inspection with a major service every 5 years?
Hughes Contracting Group provide a scheduled annual check and certify these devices – leaving you more time to do the important things in life.
Hughes Contracting Group services all kinds of back flow and TMV devices – including development sites, fast food outlets, shops, warehouses, factories, swimming pool facilities, body corporate complexes. commercial facilities plus more.

 Call Hughes Contracting Group to have your Annual Back Flow and TMV testing inspection on 0406 288 142

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