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Newsletter March 2020


High traffic area with safety requirements?
What water leak?

What newly installed safety tiles?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors proves again that we are the “one call – we do it all” team. At this education facility we have cut out concrete, made repairs to a leaking pipe underground and then re-bedded the water pipe, re-concreted and installed new anti-slip safety tread tiles.


Not Sure What is Under your Shed or Structure?

With our specialised CCTV recording equipment, we are able to record and provide you the findings on what is under your shed or structure.
This home owner was required to submit this to their local council to assist with their building and plumbing approvals.

Out with the Old and in with the New.

Did you know if you have an old gas hot water system that needs replacing, you can replace it with an electric hot water storage unit?

Our experienced team can arrange a same day swap over of these two units.

Interesting fact

When installing a New Hot Water System:
* A Form 4 must be submitted to QBCC from the licensed installing plumber;
* A new gas hot water system must have a Gas Compliance Certificate from the licensed installing gas fitter.

Outdoor Shower
Who Would’ve Thought there was Such a Thing!

Our home owners wanted to maximise our beautiful climate and have an outdoor shower for family and visitors. Having an outdoor shower and living so close to the beach means sand is not bought into their house after a quick trip to our beautiful sandy beaches.

It also gives the home owners, their family and friends the ability to shower after swimming in the pool to get all the chlorine off people and their clothes.


Hot Water Tempering Valve Replacement
Why and When is it Necessary?

Our team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors regularly replace hot water system tempering valves due to them constantly leaking and when a homeowner or tenant notices water temperature fluctuations.

This may mean, that your hot water system may not be working to its maximum potential and efficiency or it could be a sign that the valve is just no longer functioning and needs replacing.
In addition, sometimes the hot and cold expansion valves may need attention as they can also show signs of corrosion or calcification and leaks can go unnoticed.

It is important to ensure your hot water tempering valve is working as to reduce the likelihood of a child or aged person being burnt or scalded due to the hot water temperature. This is equally important in rental properties.
It is optimal to have your hot water system tempering valve inspection every 12 months to keep your hot water system in good working order.
When a tempering valve is replaced – this must be done by a fully licensed plumber and a QBCC Form 4 must be completed and given to the homeowner or property manager.

Did you Know there are Requirements for Disabled Toilets and Facilities?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can carry out full commercial bathroom rough-ins and fit-offs including disabled toilets and facilities.
We recently completed a Full Bathroom renovation at a large service station that also required full disabled toilet facilities.

Our team of highly skilled, fully licensed and qualified tradesman can assist with all your projects regardless of the size of the job.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are able to deliver all your specialised plumbing, drainage and gas fitting needs.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your “One Call – We Do it All” team.



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