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Newsletter November 2019


November Newsletter

Why you Should Clean your Gutters Now for the Coming Storm Season

Queensland is known as the Sunshine State but we still get hit with some pretty harsh weather during storm season. With the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and others predicting severe storms coming to south east Queensland this summer, it’s important you prepare for the worst. Part of your preparations should include cleaning your gutters to prevent water damage to your home. They need to be able to capture and disperse the large amount of water that falls during summer storms in Brisbane.The gutters on your roof are the first line of defense in protecting your property from Brisbane’s unpredictable elements.

Why would my Gutters be Blocked?

Gutters are fully exposed to the elements and over time they can become blocked if not properly maintained or cleaned. Overhanging trees are the primary culprit of blocked gutters and the leaf litter they drop can quickly clog up most guttering systems in just a few months. Additionally, mud and other debris may enter your down pipes causing potentially serious blockages. Without removing this material, water may not be able to pass through your drainage system off your property. As a result, water could back up and get trapped on your roof which is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Why do I need to Clean My Gutters?

The gutters on the roof of your home catch rainwater and redirect it away from your property. By channeling water away from your home, your gutters play a key role in preventing water from seeping inside your home. If water were to leak into your house, significant damage could result in ceilings and walls and other areas such as carpets and electrical systems. Not only this, but it may also result in serious structural problems requiring extremely costly repairs. Hughes Contracting Group recommend cleaning your gutters at least once a year before the onset of Brisbane’s storm season to protect your property.

What could Happen if I don’t Clean my Gutters?

If you do not clean your gutters, you are exposing your home to a number of potential hazards. Besides the obvious water damage that could potentially be caused to your home, there are other risks blocked gutters lead to. Firstly, when stagnant water and other debris sits in your gutters long-term, they quickly cause rust to form. This can seriously degrade gutters and lead to the need for more expensive, yet completely preventable, gutter replacement. Secondly, rotting gutter debris can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and cockroaches that may spread to the rest of your property. Finally, after our long dry spell, many homes around Brisbane have a lot of dry leaves in their gutters. Dry leaves are an excellent fuel and should be removed to reduce fire risk.

Hughes Contracting Group to the Rescue!

Hughes Contracting Group is your local gutter cleaning and repair expert. Using the most modern technologies, we efficiently remove all debris from your gutters quickly with minimal disruption to your daily life. Hughes Contracting Group is fully insured and offer free quotes on all gutter cleaning and repair jobs. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee and service homes and businesses throughout south east Queensland including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
To book a free gutter inspection, please contact Hughes Contracting Group today on 0406 288 142 or email

A Month in the Life of Hughes Contracting Group…

You may be wondering what exactly it is that plumbers do every day. We certainly do more than unblock toilets and fix hot water units. Read on to see what we’ve been up to over the last month…

Not just another Septic installation!

Dohles Rocks Road Griffin
This was a major project involving a small  waterfront tidal property with no  town sewer. The requirements were to install a New Polymaster 4550L Septic tank that required a 11000L Concrete holding tank with an AES system. The team at HGC  worked with the Local Council, Builder and design team to ensure the customer’s requirements were being met and compliant with the New Plumbing Laws as from the 1st July 2019.

BP Caboolture South Blocked Drain

A drain blockage caused by a pair of sunglasses that had been flushed down the toilet. This caused a major blockage in a busy commercial premises, HCG were called in to investigate with our Specialist Drain Camera and provided CCTV footage of the blockage. With HCG’s clear and visible camera footage, we were able to quickly locate the blockage and with our fully equipped trucks and high pressure water jetters cleaning the blockage was a breeze.

Woodford Hotel Gas Ovens  

Wednesday night Steak night was saved by the team at HCG. With one of the Gas Cookers not working – we were quick to respond to the hotel’s needs and provide an instant fix to their problem.

Commercial Roof replacement   

The team at HCG were recently engaged to replace the commercial-grade clear roof sheets for an industrial shed at Brendale. With our fully equipped trucks and speciality equipment, we were able to replace this roof in no time, making this nice and easy for our Commercial Property Managers. 

Roof and Solar Panel Cleaning 

Roof and solar panels not clean? No problem for the team at HCG. We recently had a property manager engage us to clean the black soot on a roof and solar panels caused by overhead trees at a Bridgman Downs property. In no time we had the roof looking like brand new, with some amazing drone footage of the start and the end results.

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