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November Newsletter 2020


November 2020

Farm Fantastic Expo 2020


The team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors had another successful exhibit at Farm Fantastic Expo recently held at the Caboolture Show Grounds.
Our team made sure all the parents were happy with stubby coolers, pens and other goodies and all the kids had balloons and lollies in hand.
Thanks to our good friends at Taylex Tanks for their tank lid display. This certainly was a talking point for many curious visitors and customers alike.


Unfortunately, slow undetected leaks can cause big problems if left and not found in time.
Here is one of the many leaks detections we were called to recently. As you can see, what looked like a little leak out of the shower screen door has turned into something more serious.


This leak had caused damage to the other side of the wall and into a cupboard and as you can see over time this has caused even more damage.


Here is another leak that caught the owner by surprise with how severe it was. Again, you can see the leak has caused damage to a room on the other side of the bathroom and water damage to the carpet.  If left unnoticed, these leaks can cause major damage and end up being a very costly repair.

Contact Us If You Suspect A Leak

Our team of plumbing technicians are able to look into any suspicious leaks and provide a detailed report with all the findings from the investigation. If you suspect you may have a leak, don’t delay – call our team of technicians on 0406 288 142.



Here’s a few photos from some recent blocked toilets we were called to. There are many reasons why toilets may block up – but always remember to only flush the 3 P’s down a toilet – Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper.

Toilet blocked with toilet paper.

Tree roots causing a blockage.

Zip Cold and Hot Taps at the Touch of A Finger


Hughes Plumbing Contractors can make your tea and lunch breaks nice and relaxing by installing your new Zip hot/chilled water systems. We also conduct servicing on the units to ensure they are working efficiently all year round.
The staff at this workplace love having instant boiled and chilled water all the time.

Prepare Now for Storm Season:
We can do your Gutter Cleaning Today!


It’s that time of year where you need to start preparing for the summer storm season.

With the recent weather and rain cells bringing an early warning to us all, our team have already started to get the calls to assist with cleaning gutters as well as replacing gutters and downpipes plus much more.

Sometimes we find unusual things in gutters and downpipes that may be causing blockages -including debris, balls, gloves, hats, toys, shoes and other strange things. For instance, a ball became stuck in a down pipe on a commercial property resulting in major damage.

A broken pipe at the curb also contributed to the storm water backing up at one of our customer’s properties.

Before Cleaning of Gutters

After cleaning of gutters allowing for a clear flow of water to the downpipes

Some Funnies For You!!!


DIY Plumbing – No Words for This 😊


How old did you say these taps are?

Burst Water Main In A Multi Residential Complex


An emergency call was taken last week from our team when a multi residential complex on a busy main road had water gushing everywhere from a broken water main in their property.
We had to ensure the area was safe for residents and with each unit having their own water meter – it was a tricky task trying to locate all the water meters to isolate the burst pipe.
Our team of Plumbing experts had this situation under control and work done as to allow the residents to use their water again with minimal delay.

Damaged Fire Hose Water Feed Line


Some of the customers our team of highly trained plumbers are called to assist with their plumbing needs include:

  • Homeowners
  • Service stations
  • Real estates
  • Insurance companies
  • Property managers
  • Other plumbers and tradespeople
  • Construction companies
  • Fast food outlets
  • Community organisations
  • Commercial clients
  • Government departments
  • Frontline and essential workers.

Here we were called to make repairs to a fire hose reel where the water feed line had become damaged and water was escaping. In no time, we had the situation under control and the damaged section of copper was replaced and the fire hose reel was ready for an emergency situation if required.

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