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October 2020 Newsletter


And the winner Is……………………

Congratulations to the winner of the Hughes Plumbing Contractors Father’s Day give-away promotion last month.

Allen and his lovely family will be enjoying their new fridge / freezer for many summer holidays and festive seasons to come after being the lucky winners of our like and share promotion.

Well done and congratulations Allen on your Father’s Day prize. We know you will enjoy it!

Congratulations On Your Achievement, Ben!

Ben was taken by surprise recently when he was selected by the Queensland Government for the “Training Awards 2020 North Coast Region – Small Employer of the Year Award.” 
Congratulations Ben and Hughes Plumbing Contractors for all the hard work you put in and all the help with the team and our customers. We’re proud of everything you do! 

Commercial Push Tap

One of our local family owned and operated stores recently needed an urgent upgrade to their push tap located in the deli.

We replaced an older push tap with Galvin’s Ezy push tap, making a perfectly designed and reliable product.

Push taps are designed for the user to push against for the water to discharge while keeping your hands free from touching surfaces and cross contamination.
Thank you IGA for supporting local businesses in our community!

Leak Detection:

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are leaders in leak investigations and detections including full reports.
Q: What is a leak detection and why do you need to do one?
A:  A bathroom leak occurs when poor installation procedures are used or inferior or incorrect products are chosen.

Leaks can occur from fixtures, tiles and grout installations and general wear and tear in any wet area that has a lot of water such as a shower which is the most common palce where they are likely to occur.

A water proofing membrane is used to prevent water from damaging the substructure. However, water proofing may become damaged for various reasons and allow water to penetrate the substructures and cause damage.
There are a number of signs that indicate a leak. You may see wet / damp areas in the adjacent rooms or rooms below may have evidence of wet plaster or water dripping from light fixtures below the wet area. Also, bathroom vanities can become water damaged and tiles and grout can often become loose.Additionally, timber door frames may show signs of moisture and there may be some pooling of water after showers.

These are some common signs of an underlying problem.
With One Call – We Do It All, our team can investigate and locate the suspected leaks and provide a range of options and solutions to rectify the problem.
Here a few leak investigations over the last couple of weeks.

  How old are your taps?

No matter whether your taps are leaking, broken, old or damaged or if you’re just looking an upgrade – Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your team.
Here’s a couple of recent taps upgrades:

Are your gutters clean and ready for our summer storm season?

With summer right around the corner and your subtropical conditions, this is a timely reminder to ensure our gutters and downpipes are clear and free flowing.
Leaves, branches or damaged gutters and downpipes can all cause flooding or lead to blockages as well as affecting the discharge of rain water from your roof.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors can inspect and clean, repair or replace your gutters and downpipes in preparation for the coming summer storm season.

Blocked drains at a fast food outlet

Blocked Drains can happen at any premises and at any time.

Sometimes a blockage can occur from the build-up of fats, oils, food and other items that are put down drains.
As you can imagine the volume of grease that are used in some commercial premises often lead to these kinds of blockages.

Although it looks yuck, this is a standard un-blockage from a commercial kitchen.

Rest assured, this fast food outlet maintained the highest level of cleanliness and no foods were prepared around works being conducted.

With the store’s high standard of food safety handling and preparation, this outlet is one of our peronsal favourite takeaway stores 

Disabled and ambulant toilet

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your “One Call – We Do It All” team.
Our team of highly skilled tradesman can help and assist with your toilets and bathrooms including disabled and ambulant rest rooms.
Did you know that the colour of a disabled toilet and ambulant toilet seat is not just blue?

Colours of the required toilet seat are dependent on the specs of the bathroom.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors can spec up your toilet seat and have it installed for you and your customer’s needs.

Water filtration systems and cartridges

The team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors often get asked for assistance with water filtration systems for schools, work places and private homes.
Water filtration systems come in a variety of types, brands, and filters..
There are 5 types of filters:

  1. Mechanical Filters
  2. Absorption Filters
  3. Sequestration Filters
  4. Ion Exchange Filters
  5. Reverse Osmosis Filters

Each one of these addresses a different water problem and many filters actually use a combination of these methods to perform multiple levels of filtration.
For all your Water Filtration needs the “One Call – We Do It All” team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help you out.
Below are some recent water filters being changed as part of the educational facilities maintenance program we deliver.

A recent installation of an entire house connected to a water filtration system.

WARNING! Yucky, gross photos below

Our team recently installed a set of pumps at a sewer pump station for a large unit complex.

Unfortunately, you can see how easy a blockage builds up from foreign objects and can cause major problems.
As a reminder to all tenants, households, units and commercial premises – flushing anything but the Three P’s (Pee, Poo and Paper) down a toilet is not recommended.
In Australia, all waste water companies, Shire Councils and the Department of Health strongly advise not to dispose of any foreign items into our waste water systems.

When foreign items are placed into these systems it becomes a costly exercise in the cleaning, removing and replacing of pumps, motors, and mechanical parts.
Some items found in the sewer station that caused these blockages were:

 Food scraps
 Nappy wipes
 General kitchen wipes
 Plus other unidentifiable items.
You can see from the photos that these foreign objects have wrapped around the blades of the pump.

 Smoke testing

Our team was engaged to conduct a smoke test to the sewer lines.

This was to locate any broken sewer pipes and manholes.

By using the smoke machine, we save time in locating where there may be broken pipes and therefore make the repair time quicker, saving our customer’s hard-earned money.

Commercial Gas Kitchen

Our team had the privilege of installing the gas cooking lines for a new commercial restaurant in the CBD.

Although this is just the initial works being undertaken, we can’t wait to see the progress and the grand opening in the very near future.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are your “One Call – We Do It All” local plumbing, drainage and gasfitting team. If you or anyone you know needs a help with any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime – we’re available 24/7. 

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