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Petrie Blocked Drain Plumber


Are You Experiencing A Blocked Drain In Petrie?


What Are The Risks Associated With A Blocked Drain?


A blocked drain can be a pain to deal with. Your toilet might be backed up, your bathtub may be filled with stagnant water or you could be experiencing low water pressure all throughout your home. If a blockage causes a leak, you may have to deal with water damage in the interior, exterior and foundations of your house. Water damage is expensive and difficult to deal with – it’s an avoidable inconvenience.


Along with being expensive and inconvenient, blockages may also pose health risks. For example, a blocked drain can aggravate health issues that people in your home already experience. Individuals with asthma may have more frequent episodes when they are in the vicinity of a blocked sewer pipe. Being around waste water can also lead to skin conditions – in people with existing skin issues, this is a major issue. Water becomes dirty as soon as it is flushed for the first time, and after sitting in a drain or pipe for a long time this contamination becomes worse. Blocked toilets are the worst culprit for this – the pipes are already unclean, and when they are blocked it is a breeding ground for bacteria.

It’s well known that blocked sewer drains will produce a nasty odour, and that alone can lead to a number of health concerns. Even if the smell itself is not toxic, being exposed to it may make some individuals quite anxious and stressed. Stress can cause a number of symptoms by itself like headaches, lethargy and a short temper. Over time, this issue may be exacerbated. Whenever you experience blocked drains, you should contact a professional. Don’t risk making the issue worse by trying to solve it yourself.


How Do Hughes Plumbing Contractors Deal With Blocked Drains?


In order to sort out blocked drains, Hughes Plumbing Contractors use a variety of different equipment. We employ the use of CCTV drain cameras in almost all cases along with high-pressure water jetters or drain snakes. By doing this, we can identify what’s occurring in the drain with our cameras so we can select the right tool to remove it. A blockage that’s been caused by a build-up of fabrics or food waste can be removed with a water jetter, but blockages caused by tree roots will generally require the use of a drain snake. In some cases, the use of chemical drain cleaners can also be used, although these are highly toxic. You should never attempt to use these products without the correct training


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Why Should I Choose Hughes Plumbing Contractors?


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are a locally owned family business who are well known throughout Petrie and surrounding areas. We have modern plumbing equipment on hand – no matter what blocked drain issues you’re having, we can get rid of it. We are also licensed and qualified, so you can fully trust our tradesmen. If you need your drains or pipes cleared, call 0406 288 142 or send an email to

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