Pipe Relining

Are your pipes broken or do you have seriously blocked drains?

If so, our pipe relining service can help by permanently repairing your drains without destructive excavation work. Oftentimes your pipes may be located in hard to reach locations, such as under your driveway or lawn, and this would usually involve a lot of digging to reach them. However, our cutting-edge pipe relining service uses a simple no-dig process to avoid the cost and inconvenience of traditional pipe replacement.

Why Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is suitable for all cracks and leaks in your drains, especially those caused by tree roots entering and growing sewers. This is formally known as tree root intrusion and if left untreated can result in serious plumbing problems such as repeated blockages and sewerage overflows which can pose health risks.

Using traditional methods, when you experience a drain blockage, your local plumber would use an electric eel or water jetter to fix the problem. However, these are only temporary fixes as they do not solve the root cause of your cracked pipes and it is highly likely tree roots will re-grow into your pipes thereby causing future blockages.

Pipe relining is the most modern method for repairing broken and damaged pipes. It is a cost-effective solution for rehabilitating and repairing underground drains and sewers by avoiding expensive excavation works. Put simply, we use “No Dig Pipe Relining” to minimize disruption to your daily life whilst saving you money at the same time.

What is the Pipe Relining Process?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors have trade-qualified plumbers highly skilled at diagnosing and treating pipe blockages. Once we identify where the cracked pipes are situated, we’ll firstly fix the leak by using an ultra-high pressure water jetter machine to blast away the blockage and clear your pipes. Running at 5000 psi, our jetters are powerful enough to clear even the most stubborn drains including tree roots.

After cleaning your pipe, we will begin the pipe relining process. First of all, our expert plumbers will insert an epoxy liner inside your drain and press it into the shape of your pipe. The next step is expanding this liner using an air-filled bladder. This process forces the epoxy resin tightly against the pipe’s interior where it cures and forms a tough, new water-tight lining inside the existing pipe. This newly lined layer is a long-lasting and solid barrier that will prevent future cracks and blockages. The final stage in the pipe relining process is to retract the bladder and enjoy clear pipes in future. All of this can be achieved without digging or inconvenient excavation works.

What are the Advantages Over Other Pipe Relining Technologies?

Truth be told, different plumbers use different pipe relining techniques. Many other plumbing companies use a simple method where your pipes are just re-sleeved with a lining then hardened. This technique isn’t as effective as our process as it leaves a gap between the old and new pipes, meaning there is room for tree roots to keep growing in the old pipe which could cause further damage.

Why Choose Hughes Plumbing Contractors for Pipe Relining?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors applies only the best pipe relining techniques in conjunction with the finest relining solution available. Our resins are non-chemically reactive and abrasion-resistant whilst also being environmentally-friendly. On top of this, they have a lifespan of more than 50 years to boot. With cutting-edge technology, we’re able to repair turns of up to 90 degrees as well as satellite junctions. Our pipe relining services are of the highest possible quality with the lowest failure rates in the industry.

If you have a blocked drain or cracked pipes, we ask that you consider pipe relining as an alternative to traditional pipe replacement. Pipe relining’s no-dig technology will not only prevent headaches and inconvenience, but will also save you significant amounts of money. Please get in contact with Hughes Plumbing Contractors to arrange your free pipe relining quote and assessment. We are available throughout South East Queensland 24/7 to help with all of your plumbing needs.