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Drain Clearing Service in Redcliffe

Redcliffe Blocked drains plumber

How Do Normal Household Items Cause Blockages?


Not all blockages are unavoidable. Although some drain clogs are caused by tree roots or cracked pipes, many of them are a result of carelessness. Some residents in Redcliffe have things stuck in their drains that you’d never imagine. Being careful with what you wash down the sink, toilet or shower will save you money in the future.

Toilet blockages in Redcliffe are generally caused by people flushing household items like nappies, tampons or baby wipes down the toilet. The reason these items are so notorious is that they expand when they come into contact with water or solidify over time. Make sure you only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet – anything else belongs in the bin!

Blocked showers and baths are often caused by a number of factors all at once. When hair, soap, shampoo and grime wind up in your pipes, you’ll get a very stubborn blockage. Although it may seem impossible to avoid this, installing a mesh cover over your drain can help you prevent this kind of clog.

Kitchen or laundry sink pipe blockages can be a result of soap or grease. These substances may coagulate in your drains and solidify over time. You might a bubbling sound coming from your pipes if this occurs. Water may also drain slower than it usually does. If your sink isn’t functioning like it normally is, it could be time to call a plumber!

Drain clearing service in Redcliffe

Regular Drain Maintenance in Redcliffe Could Save You Money


When you consider how common blocked pipes are in Redcliffe homes, it’s strange that people don’t consider getting drain maintenance work done. Doing so will keep your pipes in great condition, allowing them to work like they should for long periods of time without getting blocked.

Plumbers have the expertise necessary to keep your drains clean. If you have a small blockage beginning to appear, an experienced plumber can clear it and inform you of what caused it. This knowledge will help prevent it reoccurring in the long run.

Routine drain maintenance can also make your home more pleasant  to live in. No one wants to listen to their pipes gurgling and groaning late at night or put up with foul smells in the bathroom while getting ready for work in the morning. Hughes Plumbing Contractors know this, and we have the skills necessary to help you avoid these issues in your Redcliffe home. If you want to prevent blockages in the future, having your drains maintained by a trusted plumber is a great option.


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