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Common Blockage Problems in Older Sandgate Homes


Sandgate has many beautiful older homes, some of which were first built over 100 years ago. However, pipe design has changed a lot in this time. Many of these homes were built with clay or terracotta pipes. This material can be heavy and susceptible to cracks.

Badly designed drains or older style drain systems which don’t agree with modern home designs could lead to a number of blocked drain issues in your Sandgate home. Bad workmanship on older pipes can also cause a number of issues.

Drain pipes which are made from older materials like clay and terracotta will require extra care when clearing out clogs. Using equipment like an electric eel may work great on metal or PVC pipes, but it could do more harm than good when used on brittle clay pipes.

A fantastic alternative solution is the use of high pressure water jetters. The powerful flow of water can remove all kinds of blockages fast without damaging the inside of your pipes in Sandgate. Water jetters have the added benefit of cleaning fat, oil and grease residue out of your pipes, preventing blockages in the future.

Before having your Sandgate drains unblocked, we recommend having an inspection with a CCTV drain camera. Doing so will allow us to figure out exactly what’s going on in your pipes. This will also allow us to diagnose other issues like cracked pipes so we can get to work right away and provide a great drain clearing solution.

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How Can Drain Cleaning From An Expert Plumber in Sandgate Help Me?


Drains are a very important part of any home – they connect to a number of crucial fixtures. As a result, it’s important that you take good care of your drains. A proper plumber can clear your pipes  without the use of chemicals. Dumping industrial amounts of drain cleaning chemicals down your pipes on a regular basis is recipe for disaster. It can harm the environment, your pipes and your budget. Luckily, our plumbers in Sandgate have a number of ways to easily keep your drains clean.

One of the most common methods is the use of a high pressure hydro jetter. This equipment can remove all kinds of blockages whilst also keeping your drains clean to prevent future clogs. If required, we can also employ the use of electric eels, which will grind away at anything that’s stuck in your drains. No matter how stubborn your clogs are, we can clear them easily. Best of all, both of these methods are environmentally friendly, effective and efficient.


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