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Blocked Drain Plumber in Scarborough

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What Problems Can Clogged Drains Cause in Scarborough?


Clogged pipes are a common plumbing issue, and they occur more often than you’d like to think. Problems with your drains could seriously damage your home and you should avoid them at all costs. If water from drains begins to flow back up a pipe because of a blockage, you may suffer damage to your home. This water can warp your floorboards or walls, stain your carpets and furniture or destroy electrical items.

A sewer drain blockage is a nightmare for any homeowner in Scarborough. In a worst-case scenario, sewage can end up overflowing through your home. This is horrible – it’s smelly, messy and bad for your health. Anything the sewage comes into contact with may be ruined, and you could be exposed to harmful bacteria that grows in waste water.

Don’t let this happen in your home. Calling a plumber you trust will help you avoid damage to your home and health problems for your family. The last thing you should do is leave a blocked drain to get worse. If you have one, call Hughes Plumbing Contractors right away.

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Why Do I Need A Plumber To Clear My Blocked Pipes?


We often hear stories of people in Scarborough trying to clear clogs by themselves and ending up with a problem worse than they started with. Fixing a clogged sink, shower or toilet is no job for a DIY warrior. It takes years of experience to figure out how to properly clear drains.

 If you leave a blocked pipe unattended or try to clear it and fail, you could face serious issues. Some people try and use drain clearing liquids and ruin their pipes as a result. In serious cases, Scarborough residents may actually receive caustic burns from expose to these chemicals. Other times, people use a metal rod to try and push a blockage out of their toilet or sink but end up pushing it further down the pipe or squeezing it into a solid mass. Using metal rods can also scratch up your pipes. This is a bad idea, as it means waste matter can snag on the scratched areas and get clogged again.

A clogged drain won’t fix itself and leaving a blocked pipe alone over time will allow the problem to get worse. Sometimes, water can begin to overflow through your home, causing unexpected damage. If a blockage is left long enough, contaminated water can end up in your drinking water as well. Don’t leave blockages unaddressed or try to clear them yourself – work with a licensed, qualified plumber in your area and get clogs fixed fast!


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What Plumber Should I Work With In Scarborough?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are Scarborough’s most trusted local plumber. We’ve got a wealth of knowledge and a range of high quality drain clearing equipment at our disposal. We’re also fully licensed and qualified, so you can be certain we’ll get the job done properly. Call Hughes Plumbing Contractors today on 0406 288 142 or send an email to!


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