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September 2020 Newsletter


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September 2020 – Spring Edition 

As September brings us the warmer spring days after the long and cold winter months, we tend to spend more time outdoors and enjoying nature.

September is a great time to get in the garden and planting vegetables, flowers and crops. It is also the perfect time for some basic maintenance checks around the external parts of your property.

Some things to check:

  • Water tanks and pumps

Check for cracks and leaks on tanks and that the pumps are working correctly.
Does your rain to main switch over work correctly or do you want one installed?
Also look for any general wear and tear maintenance.

  • External taps

Are there any drips from taps or pipes coming loose and unsecure?

  • Irrigation lines

Are your irrigation lines clear and do they need upgrading or repairs to damaged lines?
Would you like to extend the irrigation to more parts of your property?

  • External ground movement or sink hole spots.

Check externally for sink holes that may have appeared over the winter months as this may be an indication that there may be an underground pipe damage or water loss

  • Septic systems and transpiration trenches

Check for any damage to the surrounds of the septic tanks and also the lids for concrete degeneration as the lids can crack and become a hazard if stood on by people or animals.
Also check the transpiration trenches are not full with water leaching onto the ground surface. Tthis is a health hazard to people, animals and the environment.

There’s numerous things to check on the exterior of a property and if you are unsure, the team at Hughes Plumbing contractors can conduct an external audit of your property for you.

Lots and lots of blocked drains

Blocked drains can occur at any time day or night. Regardless of where the blockage is, our team of highly skilled tradesman can detect and clear the clog to allow free flow to occur again.
Here we have a collection of some photos of the blockages we attended in the last few weeks.

Sometimes we find blockages due to cracks or damaged pipes that collect a build-up of paper, grease or calcium build up. Old cracked urbanware pipes fail over the years.

Other things we’ve found in pipes include:

  • Children and dog toys
  • Sunglasses and other items dropped into the toilet bowl
  • Toilet freshener holders
  • Tree roots and root invasions
  • Animals- frogs, toads and small marsupials

These are just some of the many causes of blockages.
As a reminder, only flush the three P’s Down a toilet (Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper).

See some photos below of a few blockages we attended to recently:

1st Photo: Dan using the CCTV camera after jetting out the lines for further investigations.

2nd Photo: Jack guiding the camera downstream to get more camera footage of blockages.

Gas Installations and More

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help you with all your gas systems – whether it be gas hot water or gas cooking we have got your covered.

Here’s a few before and after shots of some recent gas works and also some funnies we found when we turned up to site.
Gas cooker not working? No problem for our team of fully licensed gas fitters.

Back together and working in no time.

Wanting the benefits of gas,  this person thought it would be a good idea to bring a portable gas bottle inside the family home. This is highly dangerous and also highly illegal.

Old Cracked and Broken Concrete Septic and Pit Lids

Over time concrete can deteriorate and becomes brittle and unstable.

In semi-rural areas there are still a lot of septic tanks, grease traps and pump wells in operation. We are often called for various reasons and come across septic and pit lids that have or are at risk of failing. These unstable concrete lids can cave in and cause people and animals to fall in and become trapped or even face the possibility drowning.
Here’s a few before and after photos of recent septic lids that we have replaced.

Some of the General Maintenance Works in the Last  Couple of Weeks

Bath tap combo replacement 

Masonite eave replacement (other plumbing works required)

Replacement Toilet.

Leaking Copper pipe from water meter into private property.

New fridge plumbed in for cold water

Debris removal and gutter clean

Leaking water tank fitting replace with a new connector.

Major fast food outlet had a broken spout. Replaced with a new commercial spout.

September is Childhood Cancer month 

Eli now aged 3 years.

September is the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time when cancer organisations around the world put the spotlight on children’s cancer and the need to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors are supports of childhood cancer awareness and education after their own personal journey of childhood cancer.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors owner – Ben Hughes – had his little nephew Eli diagnosed with a rare eye cancer called “Retinoblastoma” that required the urgent inoculation of his left eye.

Eli – April 2019 aged 23months when his left eye was taken.

Eli was just going on 2 years old (April 2019) when this cancer was detected by a local optometrist preforming a routine check-up.

Since this life changing experience, Ben and the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors began the journey of bringing childhood cancer awareness to the broader community.
Ben expressed the vital importance of early detection of childhood cancers that can give the best outcome for the child, as this was the most important aspect for a full recovery for little Eli.

When Eli was diagnosed, I felt helpless and knew I had to do something. Since then, I have dedicated myself in raising awareness of childhood cancers.

Unfortunately, childhood cancers don’t discriminate and can occur in any child at any time. This is why the awareness campaign is crucial.
Hughes Plumbing Contractors –  Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Big or Small with “One Call – We Do It All”, our team can look after all your Plumbing, Drainage and Gas Fitting needs.

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