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Unblock Drains in Strathpine


Do You Have A Blocked Drain in Strathpine?


What Items Should Not Be Flushed Down The Drain?


A lot of blocked drains in Strathpine are due to people flushing things down that they shouldn’t be. Some of the items that cause this may surprise you. When it comes to your shower, you should avoid flushing hair or soap down the drain. Traditional soap is made from fat or grease, and this will build up in your drain – this residue is called soap scum. Hair can stick to grease in the drain, so when the two of these come together you can experience a serious blockage.

In the kitchen, you should avoid flushing food waste down the drain. Even garbage disposal sinks can get blocked. Grease and oil are common culprits for kitchen sink blockages. Be cautious that no fish or chicken bones get washed down the sink by accident while you do the dishes. It can take many years for animal bones to decompose.  Worst of all, a build-up of food in your sink will give off a disgusting odour.

Toilets can become blocked quite easily. Avoid flushing wet wipes or sanitary products down the drain. Even though these products are marketed as being flushable, they rarely are. If you have a family with small children, you should remind your kids not to flush toys or other small objects down the toilet. This is an unusually common source of blockages.


How Are CCTV Drain Cameras Used In Strathpine?


CCTV drain cameras are utilised by plumbers to look at the inside of drain pipes, both inside and outside of the home. The camera is pushed into a drain entrance point and transfers real-time video footage back up to a screen monitored by the plumber. Plumbers can recognize faults in the pipes, fix the root cause of blocked drains and provide accurate solutions for drain issues in an affordable, highly-efficient way.



When Are Issues With Blocked Drains an Emergency Plumbing Issue?


Some plumbing situations like a toilet that won’t flush or a tap that’s leaking are unlikely to cause major harm or damage. However, there are some times when a drain that is blocked is an emergency that will require a plumber straight away. A common example of a plumbing emergency is a blocked sewer drain or a blocked toilet. These situations can cause damage to your home quickly and easily. Along with this, exposure to raw sewerage can lead to disease. Another plumbing emergency is a burst pipe. This can cause major damage to the foundations or your home or ruin your furniture and floor. If any of these events occur, contact the expert plumbers at Hughes Plumbing Contractors.


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