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Having Problems With Your Drains In Murrumba Downs?


How Do I Know If I’ve Got A Blocked Drain?


There are a number of ways you can identify whether or not you’ve got a blocked drain. First of all, an unpleasant smell being emitted from a drain is a clear sign of a blockage. Drains can develop blockages due to food debris getting lodged in the pipes. As the food begins to decompose it generates a markedly bad smell, which will get even worse if the tap has been switched on.

Slow drainage can also indicate a blocked drain. If there is a blockage sitting in the pipe, all water will drain very slowly. The water has to strain through or around the blockage creating a slow-moving flow.

You should also keep an ear out for strange noises. If any unusual gurgling noises are emitted from drains, this is likely to be an indication of a blockage. The bubbling sound shows that there is trapped air in your drain and that it is escaping when you turn on water.

Toilets show different signs to sink or shower drains. The quickest way to identify a blocked toilet is if your toilet water rises higher than normal when flushed. If you notice water rising so high that it is overflowing, there is obviously a much bigger issue with your drains to be dealt with.


Why Should I Hire A Plumber To Help Clear My Blocked Drains in Murrumba Downs?


Many people attempt to deal with blockages themselves and end up with bigger problems. Here are some reasons you should hire a plumber.

For starters, it will keep your family out of harm’s way. When you have a blocked drain, the chance of water getting in your drinking water supply by accident increases exponentially. This makes it essential to hire a plumber to unblock your drain properly. They will examine the system and also make sure that no cross-contamination has occurred.

Having a plumber perform blocked drain plumbing will ensure that your house is clean and free of pests. Unclean drains lead to an abrupt increase in vermin in your house. This makes it highly important that you keep your home very clean so that you aren’t forced to deal with pests later down the track. Besides, when you have your drains cleaned professionally by a plumber, you will notice increased cleanliness in your home over time.


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