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What Items Cause Blocked Drains in Upper Caboolture?


A large number of drain blockages are caused by items you find throughout your home. It’s important that you are careful what you put down your drains. Your pipe systems aren’t designed to deal with much else beyond toilet paper, water and human waste.

Hair is found in a vast majority of clogs in Upper Caboolture. Hair may seem harmless and small at a glance, but over time it can easily build up and create unpleasant blockages in your pipes. Making an effort to avoid the amount of hair that goes down your drains will help you avoid clogs in the long un.

Grease is also a common substance found in drain blockages. Clogs from grease don’t form straight away. The fatty residue will build up on the side of your pipes. Eventually, water won’t be able to pass through the drains. If this happens in a drain where temperatures fluctuate like kitchen sinks, these blockages are more common. Try to avoid letting fatty remnants end up down your drain.

Plant matter may also end up in your drains and clog them. Leaves and sticks can easily find their way into storm water drains. Cleaning your backyard and your gutters is an easy way to avoid this.


CCTV Drain Camera Inspection in Upper Caboolture


At Hughes Plumbing Contractors, we often utilise CCTV drain cameras. They are an efficient, cost effective and easy way to survey drain pipes. We can find the cause of a blockage quickly and eliminate it. Using this equipment saves us a lot of time, allowing us to prioritise a drain clearing solution.

Drain cameras allow us to view your pipes in real time to identify problems and remove them quickly and easily. Once we find what’s caused your blockage, we’re halfway to finding a solution and getting your pipes back into working order. Drain camera inspections aren’t just useful for clearing blocked drains – during the procedure we can also identify leaks, corrosion and improper installation. CCTV drain cameras can also help us identify risk factors for future blockages. If your drain system is particularly susceptible to a certain type of clog, we can help you prevent similar issues in the future. It’s no wonder Upper Caboolture locals favour Hughes Plumbing Contractors. We provide drain clearing solutions fast, saving you time and money.


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