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Winter 2021 Newsletter


❄️Winter 2021❄️

Did someone say WINTER? Yes, that’s right – we are officially in WINTER!!

🥶Time to pull out those winter woolies and rug up.🥶

Let’s Talk Hot Water Systems

Some Key Points About Your Hot Water System In Winter

❄️It is most common for your hot water system to fail in winter❄️

This can be due to a factor of issues such as a faulty element or thermostat. 
Thermostats regulate the temperature of the water, which turns on or off the heating element based on the water temperature inside the system.

❄️We tend to use a lot more hot water in winter❄️

This is typically due to people having hotter showers for longer periods of time during the cold months. 

❄️Leaking hot water systems are a common issue in winter❄️

This can be caused by a variety of different issues. The first step is to identify where the leak is coming from. 

❄️Nobody likes a surprise cold shower, especially in winter!❄️

To help prevent these issues from occcuring, it is highly recommmended that you get your hot water system checked every 12 months by a professional. 


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🏞️ You’re Invited! 🏞️

Hughes Plumbing Contractors would like to thank you for your continued support. Please find your discount code for pre-paid tickets to Farm Fantastic Exo 2021 below. 


We look forward to seeing you there!

Our team recently completed a variety of works at a Puma service station for a regular customer.

Working on service station sites requires a great deal of training to meet the site compliances.

Keep an eye out for our team the next time you’re at your local service station.

Recently Sonya was asked to come along as a guest speaker for the 2021 Small Business Month Lunch.

Sonya is continually supporting and advocating for our plumbing industry and working alongside some other pretty amazing women in the Industry. 

Why Do Lift Wells Need Pumping Out? 

Oftentimes, water will leak into the bottom of the lift well and it is very common for sump pumps that are installed in lift wells to fail.

It is important to ensure the water is removed quickly as possible to ensure there is no corrosion on the important metal parts or the elevator components.

Here is one of our recent lift well pump outs – before and after.


Did you know not all plumbers are able to work within lift wells?

Our team of highly skilled and qualified tradesmen are your One Call – We Do It All team.

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