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Woodford Hot Water System Plumbers


What’s The Importance of a Properly Installed Water Heater in Woodford?


It is imperative that your hot water system is properly installed to ensure that it will be dependable and will function to a high standard. We can assist with any of your hot water plumbing needs while adhering to our standards of friendly and honest customer service.

If your heater system has been incorrectly installed it will hinder the effectiveness of your system. You could end up facing unexpected costs in the future along with the risk of break downs or other problems. When your heater has been installed properly by a licensed and qualified hot water plumber, your home will gain the comfort and convenience that hot water provides. We’re also available for servicing and repair work, because we know that issues with hot water systems can become emergencies which require attention right away.


What Are The Differences Between Gas And Electric Hot Water Systems?

Gas fired tank hot water units use a gas burner to heat water in the cylinder to the your intended temperature. This gas burner is situated at the bottom of the system outside the cylinder and is powered by a valve that sits in front of the hatch. Everyone loves getting access to hot water as soon as they turn on the tap. Modern gas hot water systems are much more efficient with energy than older models, making them a great option for more price-conscious customers.

Electric tank systems work differently. Cold water is sent into the tank for heating before being drawn off when the hot water tap is switched on. The main difference is where the heating actually occurs. In an electric system, the water is heated up from the inside. A thermostat manages and maintains the temperature the water is heated to. Electric hot water systems are safe to operate, available indoors and outdoors and compact, making them a great option for a family home.


What Are Some Common Hot Water Problems In Woodford?

• I’m running out of water too fast!

If you start running out of water too fast, the size of your hot water system might be too small to fit the needs of your residence. Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help you assess the best system for your budget and requirements.


• My water pressure is too low!

Low water pressure can be a result of small holes in pipes, incorrectly installed pipework, low pressure from the water mains or a sign of a malfunction in your hot water.


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Why Should I Choose Hughes Plumbing Contractors To Install, Repair or Service My Hot Water System?

Hughes Plumbing Contractors are a family business who have worked in the Woodford locality for years. Our team are licensed, qualified and highly experienced. We have expertise when it comes to hot water plumbing and we’ve got access to a wide range of modern plumbing equipment. As soon as you start noticing issues with your hot water system, call Ben on 0406 288 142 or send an email to

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