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Hot Water Service in Woorim


What Are The Differences Between Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems in Woorim?


Gas hot water systems have been recognized for their consistency and proficiency, but like their electric equivalents, they may run into complications after years of continuous use.


Fortunately, issues with gas systems are a bit simpler to analyse and fix. The most common issue with gas hot water systems is sudden disruption or low pressure in water production. There are several reasons for this such as:

  • No gas being sent into the house — the first thing you must do is look at other appliances in your home that use gas and check if they are working. If they are, then there is no doubt that the problem is occurring with the hot water system. If it isn’t, look at your gas meter and valve to see if they’re both functioning correctly. If both of these are working and the valve is turned on, call up your utility company and ask them to check your gas lines.


  • The pilot light is off — this is a common occurrence with storage tanks. Directions vary depending on the exact model you’re using so take a look at your user manual.


  • The gas supply to the water heater isn’t on — if you main gas supply is turned on and working with other appliances, the issue may lie with the water heater. Take a look to see if it is receiving gas from the main supply.


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and highly efficient hot water system in your family home, an electric hot water system may be your best option. Electric systems are simpler to install and sustain, and there are several different sizes and types you can choose from. One of the defining features of electric hot water systems is the ability to harness off-peak rates to create large savings in utility costs. Modern models of electric systems also have features to maintain safety and efficiency simultaneously.


At What Point Should I Consider Replacing My Hot Water System In Woorim?

There are several signs that your hot water system is failing and may need a replacement. On average, these systems only last 8-12 years, but they may begin failing before then for a variety of reasons. One of the first signs of a failing hot water system is a lack of hot water. However, sometimes the issue may lie solely with the thermostat. Another sign of a failing system is a rattling or hissing sound being emitted from the tank. This can sometimes be caused by a leak, which is a certain sign that you require a replacement. You may also notice corrosion on an old hot water system, which is a major issue. Just like a noisy hot water system, corrosion can be caused by leaks.


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