Covid-19 Drain Blockages

“Flushable” wet wipes are causing huge blockages all over Brisbane, Morayfield and Caboolture during the Covid-19 lockdown. Due to the rush of panic-buyers purchasing toilet paper from supermarkets, it seems many people have turned to wet wipes as an alternative. This is a terrible idea, as these wipes are known to combine with fat, grease and hair in your drains, eventually forming foul smelling “fatbergs.” These blockages are huge, and they require a lot of time and effort to deal with. There are even stories of fatbergs as big as buses being removed from drains with cranes by Council. In May last year, sewerage plant operators in South-East Queensland removed a one-tonne fatberg from a drain. This trend is occurring all across Australia, with some sewerage plants receiving up to a 30% increase in the amount of wet wipes they receive. The cost and effort involved in removing these clogs is phenomenal, with one incident at the Bundamba Treatment Plant requiring four men and five hours of hard work to clear. Even though these products claim to be flushable, they are not. The fibres in these wipes are far stronger than those in toilet paper, so remember only to flush the three P’s: Pee, Poo and Paper.

Blocked Drains in North Brisbane

Many of our local customers around Morayfield and Caboolture have experienced wet wipe blockages or minor fatbergs recently, and a similar trend is occurring on the rest of Brisbane’s north side too. We’ve seen some real catastrophes occur, like sewerage overflowing from toilets and damaging homes. The time and cost involved in dealing with this is enormous, with some residents being forced to leave their home while it is cleaned by professionals. We’ve also seen the frustration and worry that can be caused be a malfunctioning toilet or horrible smells throughout the home. Unfortunately, many blockages tend to occur at inconvenient times, adding even more trouble onto an already-stressful situation. Luckily, the team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors are available 24/7 to clear blocked drains, so there’s no need to freak out next time your toilet starts to play up.

 Contact the Best Drain Plumbers in SEQ

If you’re having issues with blocked toilets in Caboolture, Morayfield or any other suburb in North Brisbane, now is a great time to recruit the assistance of Hughes Plumbing Contractors. We have access to superior plumbing technology like CCTV drain cameras, hydro jetters and electric eels to beat blockages fast. Our skilled tradesmen can help you locate blockages and remove them without damaging your pipes or causing a mess. If you take action now, you could prevent an expensive and time-consuming plumbing catastrophe like an overflowing toilet in the future. We are able to travel anywhere in South East Queensland to help clear blockages easily. Our tradesmen are friendly, our equipment is state of the art and we’re fully licensed and qualified. You can contact our friendly team today by calling 0406 288 142 or by sending an email to