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Hot water tank on roof — Plumbing Contractors in Sandstone Point, QLD

Your Pipeline to Quality Plumbing

As the preferred trade contractor for homeowners and builders in Sandstone Point, Hughes Plumbing Contractors is here to turn your plumbing frowns upside-down. Our licensed, skilled plumbers and fully stocked service vehicles are always ready to plunge into action. From tap repairs to gas services and water heater fixes to septic system installations, our high-quality workmanship is unmatched. We’ve got a handle on everything, whether it’s a large-scale remodel or renovation, or something as simple as finally stopping those dripping taps from keeping you up at night.

Don’t let plumbing problems get the best of you in Sandstone Point! Whether you’re on Bribie Island Road, live near Pebble Beach Park or anywhere in between, call Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142 and take the plunge into stress-free residential plumbing services today!

Australian Owned Certified
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Putting a Stop to Plumbing Problems

At Hughes Plumbing Contractors, we don’t just go with the flow, we control it. Your fourth cold shower this week? Let us fix that. A water bill that’s suddenly shot up? We’ll find that sneaky leak. Our pressure testing and leak detection services are second to none.

And for those drains that won’t unclog despite your best efforts (and a few bottles of Draino), we offer drain cleaning, CCTV drain camera inspection and high-pressure water jetting. We also deal with toilet repairs, garbage disposal fixes and general plumbing maintenance.

Manhole prepared for cement laying — Plumbing Contractors in Sandstone Point, QLD

Stellar Service & Workmanship

Customer service means ensuring our client is 100% satisfied with all works and service before we wave goodbye. We at Hughes Plumbing Contractors aim to create a tidal wave of service excellence, delivering cost-effective solutions that won’t break the bank.

From connecting your new dishwasher or gas stove to installing water-efficient showerheads and performing water compliance audits, we’ve got you covered. We’re available 24/7 to assist families throughout Sandstone Point with all routine and emergency plumbing issues.

For a free no-obligation quote, please contact us today on 0406 288 142. Don’t let your plumbing problems drain you, let Hughes Plumbing Contractors be your port in a plumbing storm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do plumbers detect leaks in the gas line?

Plumbers use various methods such as pressure testing, soap bubble tests and electronic gas leak detectors to accurately locate and diagnose leaks in a gas line.

How often should a home’s plumbing system be inspected?

It is recommended to have your plumbing system inspected every two years, or sooner if you’re experiencing ongoing issues.