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Brisbane Programmed Plumbing Asset Maintenance

For those who own, lease or manage a commercial premises in Brisbane, it’s extremely important to undertake frequent servicing and maintenance of the plumbing, gas and drainage assets on your property. Besides ensuring optimum functioning, preventative programmed maintenance of your plumbing assets can help avoid costly major repairs in future by detecting and repairing potential problems well in advance of them becoming a major issue. By shifting from reactive maintenance, where you only call a commercial plumber to repair your issues as they occur, to programmed preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to budget better, as we’ll advise you early on of any repairs or replacements required well in advance.

To maintain your assets in the best possible condition, the programmed asset maintenance offered by Hughes Plumbing Contractors can help your business. Our commercial plumbers offer flexible preventative maintenance programs custom designed to comply with manufacturer recommendations and your assets’ condition. We can schedule our programmed maintenance activities at a frequency that suits your business, and we will provide regular detailed reports. Our plumbing technicians and gas fitters are available 24/7 north from the Sunshine Coast through Brisbane down to the Gold Coast for programmed commercial plumbing maintenance.

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Benefits of Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

Preventative programmed plumbing maintenance consists of precautionary measures to ensure your assets keep operating at optimal efficiency. Our services will increase the reliability, predictability and cost efficiency of your plumbing asset management. Hughes Plumbing Contractors’ strategic approach to preventative maintenance helps our clients manage their assets in the most effective manner at the lowest costs.

Some tangible advantages of our preventative programmed asset maintenance include:

  • Increasing asset lifecycle & longevity
  • Reducing downtime
  • Saving money on emergency callouts due to failures
  • Eliminating major rectification costs
  • Helping standardise plumbing plant, equipment, fixtures & fittings

Local Brisbane Programmed Plumbing Asset Maintenance Services

Hughes Plumbing Contractors offers a wide range of programmed preventative maintenance for our commercial and industrial clients across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Our expert plumbers can inspect and repair your plumbing assets at scheduled times of your choice. Most of our clients select weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual preventative plumbing maintenance. Each one of our services meets or exceeds all regulatory compliance and codes and can assist your business with its asset registers and other required documentation.

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Custom Design Your Maintenance Program

Our programmed maintenance initiatives can be custom designed to incorporate all aspects of your plumbing, drainage and gas fitting, including:

  • Backflow prevention device testing
  • Thermostatic mixing valve & tempering valves testing
  • Roof, gutter & downpipe inspection & repairs
  • Water services
  • Pump stations servicing
  • Boiling water units, including Zip and Hydroboil units
  • Water efficiency audits & retrofits
  • Sewerage & stormwater pumps/ejectors
  • Emergency eyewash station testing
  • Gas equipment & appliance servicing & repairs
  • Cold water tank repairs
  • Pit & trap cleaning
  • Water filters
  • Meter reporting
  • Water storage & rainwater tanks
  • Confined space entry
  • Emergency safety shower testing
  • Stormwater drains & grate cleaning
  • Waste interceptors & trade waste management
  • Hot water unit servicing
  • Water filter service & replacement
  • Preventive drain cleaning
  • Water & sewerage asset inspection & assessment
  • Risk assessments
  • Neutraliser pits/settling tanks servicing
  • Leakage management
  • Water treatment system inspection & repairs
  • Central heating management
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Why Choose Us for Your Programmed Plumbing Maintenance?

We are passionate about being proactive and view pre-emptive plumbing maintenance as a way we can add value to our clients over the longer term. With our preventative maintenance contracts becoming increasingly popular with more and more businesses in Brisbane, our customised plans can be tailormade to suit all types of buildings and tenants. We are fully committed to implementing industry-leading programmed maintenance solutions and will design programmed maintenance schedules within your financial budgets. Our preventative plumbing solutions are not expensive and the tailored programs we design will integrate seamlessly into your existing asset management systems to comply with your relevant safety, environmental and quality measures.

Just some of the reasons you should choose our plumbing asset maintenance services include:

  • Our experience working with a variety of clients across many industries
  • Expert advice on the best maintenance programs for your business
  • Site-specific schedules
  • Regular reports
  • We help you achieve overall cost reductions
  • All work performed on your plumbing assets is fully compliant
  • We facilitate superior environmental outcomes
  • Unrivalled safety, quality & environmental systems & processes
  • We help improve your asset register accuracy
  • High-quality workmanship
  • We only send out punctual & well-trained technicians
  • We have all the tools & equipment necessary to undertake all works
  • We help you minimise downtime
  • We only send out employees with current National Police Clearances & Blue Cards

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You can rest assured that when you choose our programmed plumbing maintenance services, we will treat your assets like our own. You can have confidence our skilled plumbers and gas fitters will do the job right the first time every time. For professional preventative plumbing asset maintenance, please call us today on 0406 288 42.