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Confined space — Plumbing Contractors in Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane Confined Space Entry Plumbers & Gas Fitters

When it comes to plumbing, there are a number of jobs that need to be completed within confined spaces, that is spaces that are not designed for continuous occupancy. Although these job sites enable our staff to temporarily gain access and work, these environments are particularly high risk and require the services of a suitably qualified confined space plumber.

The team of plumbers at Hughes Plumbing Contractors is completely safety oriented and has undergone extensive professional training to be able to enter confined spaces. As required by Government legislation, our staff also undertake ongoing training regularly to ensure they retain their confined space certification and are safe to work on your job site. With our plumbers and gas fitters also having many years of combined experience entering and working in potentially dangerous confined spaces under their belts, you can rest assured you will receive Brisbane’s best confined space entry and underground plumbing services carried out to the highest possible level of safety.

Australian Owned Certified
Confined space — Plumbing Contractors in Brisbane, QLD

Hughes Plumbing Contractors place a high value on the safety of our customers, staff and the public, and, as such, we ensure full compliance with Safe Work Australia’s Model Code of Practice for Confined Spaces on each job. We also make sure all WHS Regulations are followed for each entry, including inspecting the area and its immediate surroundings to determine its condition and repair your asset to working condition.

Examples of confined space services our plumbers regularly provide around Brisbane include:

  • Inspection of sewer lines
  • General cleaning of pipelines & drains
  • Cleaning of underground tanks, vessels & drums
  • Inspection of drainage systems
  • Pit repairs

No matter whether you’re located on the northside or southside of Brisbane or even the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, Hughes Plumbing Contractors is the local confined space entry team you can trust to complete your job safely, efficiently and affordably.

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Skilled Brisbane Confined Space Entry Plumbers

Hughes Plumbing Contractors provide the most professional and reliable confined space access staff in the Brisbane region. We guarantee the quality and competency of all our workers who undertake your confined space entry. Our team is expertly trained in confined space entry and possesses first aid certificates helping us stay dedicated to regular skilling and keeping up to date with changing industry regulations, technology and codes of practice. We also have stringent vetting and screening procedures to ensure all employees are safe to practice.

Additionally, our company possesses comprehensive WHS documentation as well as a strictly enforced drug and alcohol policy. We have decades of experience and are well known throughout Brisbane and beyond as the best One Call We Do It All plumbing team. Hughes Plumbing Contractors is available at short notice for emergency confined space entry work or for programmed maintenance where we regularly inspect and identify needs and repair requirements.

With the staff at Hughes Plumbing Contractors being professionally trained and certified to enter and work in confined spaces, some of our skills include:

  • Use of confined space safety equipment
  • Entering confined spaces vertically or horizontally
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Implementing various risk management procedures
  • Implementing emergency procedures if required
Confined space — Plumbing Contractors in Brisbane, QLD

Why Choose Us for Your Confined Space Plumbing?

When it comes to performing plumbing work in risky environments such as confined spaces in Brisbane, there is only one method to ensure all tasks are conducted professionally with your worksite, assets and staff being kept safe from harm. The best way is to use the services of a qualified and highly trained team such as Hughes Plumbing Contractors. Our work methods use certified safe practices with the most modern equipment that is compliant with all WHS regulations and industry standards. Our Brisbane confined space plumbing service offers peace of mind for your business knowing that we are prepared for and can handle all confined space environments and any circumstances that may arise.

  • Professionally trained & experienced staff
  • Confined space certified team
  • Detailed risk management procedures
  • Compliant safe work methods
  • Careful identification of workplace hazards
  • Thorough testing & asset restoration processes

Hughes Plumbing Contractors can guarantee each one of our staff members entering your confined space is fully certified and strictly adheres to all WHS regulations. We are Brisbane’s leading confined safe access plumbers and tailor-make appropriate solutions for any access problem and many different industries across the city.

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Brisbane’s Safest Confined Space Entry Plumbing Company

Hughes Plumbing Contractors is a professional team of highly trained confined space specialists with a culture of complete safety who undertake a wide variety of plumbing and gas fitting work in confined spaces.

Our staff see safety as the number one priority, not only for workers but stretching to people in the surrounding environments. We are well aware of the hazards and risks when working in confined spaces and therefore apply the strictest safe working procedures when performing these types of plumbing jobs.

We also possess tested compliant apparatus, such as ventilation and detection equipment, to perform confined place plumbing works safely during the difficult and dangerous procedures that are involved in an entry.

Hughes Plumbing Contractors has all relevant insurances in place and an exemplary safety record sustained over many years. We are extremely careful with excellent attention to detail and all our confined space entry plumbing contracts in Brisbane are carried out to the highest safety standards in line with relevant WHS, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice.

Contact Us About Confined Space Entry in Brisbane

Many people are unaware of all legal requirements for safe confined space entry plumbing works. If you require assistance, please contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors today for free advice about confined space entry anywhere in Brisbane, the Sunshine or Gold Coast. Please call us on 0406 288 142 and we’ll be able to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Confined Space?

Confined spaces represent potentially life-threatening dangers because they are not designed to be regular areas for work. Confined spaces usually have poor ventilation which allows hazardous atmospheres to quickly develop, especially if the space is small. These hazards are not always obvious and may change from one entry into the confined space to the next.

Under the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 Schedule 19; a confined space means an enclosed or partially enclosed space that—

(a) is not designed or intended primarily to be occupied by a person; and

(b) is, or is designed or intended to be, at normal atmospheric pressure while any person is in the space; and

(c) is or is likely to be a risk to health and safety from—

(i) an atmosphere that does not have a safe oxygen level; or

(ii) contaminants, including airborne gases, vapours and dusts, that may cause injury from fire or explosion; or

(iii) harmful concentrations of any airborne contaminants; or

(iv) engulfment;

What are the Risks of Working in Confined Spaces?

There are many risks associated with undertaking plumbing work in a confined space, including:

Possible loss of consciousness, impairment, injury or death due to the immediate effects of airborne contaminants
Fire or explosion from the ignition of flammable contaminants
Difficulty rescuing and treating an injured or unconscious person
Asphyxiation resulting from oxygen deficiency or immersion in a free-flowing materials

What are Some Examples of Confined Spaces?
  • Pressure vessels
  • Boilers
  • Pipes
  • Sewers
  • Tanks
  • Drains
  • Silos
  • Tunnels
  • Trenches
  • Wet & dry wells
  • Pipes
What Equipment is Required When Entering Confined Spaces?

When undertaking plumbing works in confined spaces around Brisbane, we make use of some of this equipment and others:

  • Oxygen monitors
  • Lighting equipment
  • Specialist ladders
  • Ventilation fans