DIY Drain Clearing Dangers

With the recent rise of coronavirus, many people in Brisbane are thinking seriously about the health of their community, especially in Caboolture. No one wants to see themselves or their family becoming unwell, so many are taking precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. However, most people don’t appreciate the importance of their plumbing until they get a blocked pipe.

Although many people are thinking about their health, very few have considered the dangers posed by blocked drains in relation to coronavirus. In Hong Kong, two residents on different floors of an apartment building both contracted the virus, leading authorities to believe the disease can be transmitted through plumbing systems in the form of faecal matter. These residents were separated by 10 floors but were located in the same vertical block. That said, there is no conclusive evidence as yet the disease can be contracted through raw sewerage or water.

However, a blocked toilet may be a risk factor for the transmission of several other diseases. If your toilet becomes blocked as a result of wet wipes or other inappropriate items being flushed, it can backup and overflow. Not only does an overflowing toilet lead to major expenses, it can also cause an unpleasant mess. If that wasn’t enough, it could expose you to dangerous bacteria which has the potential to spread disease. In the interest of public health, it is best you contact a licensed and qualified drain plumber if you have a blocked drain.

What Are the Risks Of Clearing A Blocked Drain Myself?

The main risks posed by DIY drain plumbing comes from the chemical products people use. Readily-available drain cleaning liquids contain very toxic and volatile ingredients. If these liquids can melt through a thick tree root stuck in a drain, imagine what they could do to your skin! Caustic burns are extremely painful and even worse, these chemicals keep burning your skin until they are fully neutralised. Along with being harmful to humans, drain cleaning chemicals are terrible for the environment. Furthermore, if these chemicals come into contact with your pets or garden, they could easily be poisoned.

If I Experience A Blocked Drain Or Toilet, What Should I Do?

It’s simple – call a plumber. A licensed and qualified plumber can clear your drains in quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money whilst keeping your family safe. Hughes Plumbing Contractors are a team of professional tradesmen with state-of-the-art plumbing equipment we use to safely clear your drains. No matter what type of drain is clogged, contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors on 0406 288 142 – The best local 24/7 plumber in South East Queensland.